Saturday, 31 May 2008


Exams are over!! *runs around in circles laughing maniacally*

*coughs* Yesterday's paper was the last one. It was alright I guess... I finished 50% of it in half an hour and spent the other 1 and 3/4 hours trying to figure out the second section, which had a case study. *sighs* I didn't do a 20% question very well.... I think I made up for it in the 10% question that follows it though.

After the paper, I said bye to my friends for the summer and went to Canary Wharf. I looked for a camera battery charger again at Jessops, but the lady there finally told me that I could place an order on their website for store collection. I went to the bookshop and bought 4 cookbooks (including Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer), had a dinner at BK's, then stopped by Tesco's to look for polenta (eurgh... Why do all my usual supermarkets not sell the stuff I look for specially?) but they didn't have it. I did buy a bottle of macadamia oil though... I can't wait to use it!

After reaching home, I was feeling kinda restless so I wrote out a looong list of things I need to do and I finished more than half of it last night! *feels accomplished* In my defense for not finishing the other half, I ran out of laundry detergent after doing two loads. Plus, one of the items involved sending clothes to the drycleaner's, so I couldn't very well do it then.

I washed one of my yukata yesterday!! It was an easy way of washing, and doesn't wrinkle your yukata at all so there's no need to iron it! *hearts* I'm waiting for that yukata to dry now. It's hanging by the staircase wall, so it's become a sort of decoration for the flat, for a few days at least. When it's done, I'll have to wash the other one I wore to the Expo. Only thing is the one I washed smells really funny (that's why I washed it first) and even after washing, the smell is still there albeit lessened now. Ah well, maybe I could wash it again with more detergent...

This morning, I went to Wentworth Street behind Aldgate East station to look for cloth. I ended up buying I think 18 yards altogether. There are 3 patterns, but one is black on black. I'll take pics once my camera's done charging!

Something stupid happened when I was walking along the road. I was typing out an sms, and these Chavs were bumming around. One of them kinda said "You got the time?" and I, being the blur idiot that I am, looked up and said "Huh?"

Obviously, they'd take it as an invitation, and he started going "Hey what's your name?" -___-"" I just looked at him and said "Don't talk to me." and just walked off. LoL, it felt good to let out my inner bitch.

Yeah, anyway, I got the fabric, then walked to a bus stop and got on a bus to Canary Wharf to finally get my charger. After that, I stopped by Itsu for a sushi lunch. I didn't take any of the usuals (salmon, tuna, etc) as they were freaking expensive. Instead, I chose the odd fusion thingies you never get anywhere else. I had a crab maki roll, beef tataki (boy that was good!), tenderstem broccoli with sesame sauce (unusual cos they usually serve spinach) and this duck wrap thing that's actually a Chinese and Vietnamese fusion with nothing Japanese in it at all. Yum.

After that, I finally came home! *joy*

I decided to take up Yan's offer to let me use her table, but all I found was the tabletop and not the legs =___="" Spent an hour moving heavy boxes around to look for them but I didn't find them. *sighs*

I did find her mannequin though, so I borrowed it to try and tie some kimono on it. The other yukata I wanted to wash (the one that's a purple furisode yukata) is currently tied onto it lol. It isn't very good though so I'm going to have to retie it before taking pictures *evil giggle*

Okay, I'm gonna go and cut some cloth to make a nice han-eri for some of my ensembles, then I'm going to go shower. Bye people!

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