About Me


I am a Malaysian girl who is quite obsessed with clothes, particularly cultural and traditional clothing and alternative fashion (though you'd never guess just looking at me).

My love for Japan began when I was just a wee child, perhaps around 6 or 7 years of age, when we first went to Japan. I cannot recall much of that trip, but from what I do remember, I was instantly dazzled by the bright lights and utter pink-ness of the Hello Kitty store!

However, I was not introduced to the loveliness of kimono until my father brought back a small kinchaku for me from a business trip to Japan. I remember it to have a red woven basket at the bottom, while the cloth part was dark blue with the pattern of hanabi on it.

My next brush with kimono came when I was 12 years old. My high school hosts a number of Japanese students each year, and in return, their school hosts a number of our students as well. My sister regularly hosted Japanese students. On one such occasion, the last student we hosted, Naoi-san brought yukata as presents for us, and helped us put it on.

From then on, I wore yukata at least once a year until I finally bought my first kimono and obi for my 18th birthday. After that, I slowly bought another piece here and there, gathering up a number of odd items until my 19th birthday, when I bought a whole kimono set. I wore it for the first time a month after my birthday, and began to wear kimono regularly.

Ever since then I have been thoroughly immersed in kitsuke and kimono.

I started this blog to keep in touch with my friends and family, who are scattered all over the world, but I am glad to know that there are others who also enjoy my blog :)