Thursday, 22 May 2008


Exams sucked.

Yesterday's paper was the problem paper where no one knew what to expect. We had to read a case study and answer 4 questions about it. I really don't know if I did anything right at all.... I barely had enough time to write down all my points and analyse them!

Today's paper was even worse. I wrote alot, but I still missed alot of points and was once again lacking time for the second and final question. This time I know why that was. Even though I had planned out my answer really well, I had written it so badly that it barely made sense and didn't answer the question at all. So after wasting fifteen minutes on one whole page, I had to scrap it and start all over again. *sighs* But thanks to my (relatively) high coursework marks, all I need is the bare minimum to pass.

This time, I think my essays turned out better because I allocated enough time to plan out my answers in detail. Everyone sitting around me mentioned they thought I was crazy for wasting so much time writing on the question paper, but I find that when I do, I tend to write out my answers far better, with a smooth flow and all the points have pros and cons. Sooo much better than just diving straight in with a vague idea of what to write!

When I got home, I started feeling really restless. I tried playing a game, but it didn't hold my attention for very long. I tried reading, but even that didn't hold my attention! I typed out an entry for this blog - and it got deleted -___- After that, I was simply too demotivated (omg I can't count how many times I wrote that in my exam today) to retype another entry, so I started cleaning up my room, namely unwrapping my antique tea set and putting all the trash into one gigantic black bag, and also transferring the mountain of books on one of my chairs to the bookshelves downstairs.

O_O OMG I didn't know I had this much space in here! XD I'm taking a break halfway through, but I'll have to continue some parts tomorrow.... I still have to:

1) Do laundry (2nd load of sheets, kitchen towels, normal clothing, delicates)
2) Change my sheets (only after 1st load of sheets is dry)
3) Vacuum the whole flat (but only in the morning when everyone's vacuuming)
4) Fold all the clothes piled up on the chair next to me *eyes it suspiciously* I feel like there's gonna be an avalanche soon..
5) Dust all the surfaces in my room
6) Rearrange all the stuff on shelves
7) Rearrange my whole cupboard
8) Take out the trash

It sounds like alot, doesn't it? But I don't think it'll take all that much time. The clothes folding will take only an hour at most, since it's mostly kimono on that chair. Rearranging my clothes cupboard after folding my clothes won't take more than half an hour. Rearranging my shelves and dusting the surfaces will be done at the same time, but probably tomorrow after I vacuum. Vacuuming the flat will take only half an hour if I do it right. Taking out the trash is easy: just plonk it right out the door before 9am tomorrow.

The only thing that'll take a long time would be the laundry, because I always have to set the tumbledryer on for 2 hours, which takes each load of laundry 3 hours to complete, even on the fast cycle. And sometimes, it wouldn't even be completely dry!! How annoying.

Okay, I'm gonna go shower now, then start folding my clothes. Toodles!

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Petrina said...

The flat better be dust-free when I get there!!

And remember about time management during exam.. tsk tsk.