Thursday, 18 February 2010


It's been a full six days in a row of pigging out, with feasting and celebrations abound! I've been having such heavy lunches and dinners lately. I have no doubt I'll be gaining a few kg just by living through this next month.

Even yesterday, which was Ash Wednesday and therefore supposed to be a day of fasting and abstinence, had two full meals! We didn't eat meat, but we sure as hell didn't fast :P

*sighs* But on the topic of Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.. What should I give up for this Lent? I don't know... A little late to be thinking about it, but I honestly have been more preoccupied with CNY ^^; So much so to the point where I'd forgotten completely about Valentine's Day till yesterday ^^;;;;

Anyway, on a random off-topic moment, I've been trying to put together an outfit for Valentine's Day, late though it may be. It's quite alot harder than I thought, because I had hoped to combine my Valentine's Day outfit and my CNY outfit into one, and that's kiiiiiind of hard to do when I'm lacking alot of red pieces in my kimono closet. So..... that outfit may take a while in coming, but I'll make sure it comes!!

On that note, should I make another outfit for Lent this year? Or should I make one for Easter? XD

Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

I am absolutely thrilled to finally be home and celebrating Chinese New Year with my family! It'll be the first time I'm celebrating CNY in about 5 years, excluding this one time my friends and I had a mini yee-sang and steamboat party in my 2nd year room at Concord.

Soooo..... Since I'll be kind of busy this weekend, what with the Eve of CNY tomorrow and the first day of CNY on Sunday, I thought I'd just post an early:

May the Year of the Tiger bring you prosperity!

Ehehe. Speaking of tigers, I'm thinking of creating a tiger (or cat) themed outfit for this year, much like xiner did, now that the year of the tiger is about to start. (FYI, the year of the Tiger doesn't start until CNY - the weeks before that are still considered as the "tail" of the year of the Cow)

Aaaaaand, speaking of kimono.... I know my mum said I could buy a kimono if the Jakarta trip went well. But, well... My mum bought me this bag from Coach's 2010 Valentine's Gifts collection, so I won't be getting a new kimono anytime soon ^^;

Coach Valentine's bag

Sorry to disappoint, but the bag is just too cute!! And wonderfully big and convenient too ^^; I think I'll be trying to come up with an outfit that will match this bag ehehhehe~

Toodles, people!~

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Event Aftermath: Yukata Picnic April 2009: Part 2!

I'm back from the Jakarta trip! It was... hectic. And I felt so tired even though I didn't do all that much hahaha. But it was a good trip :) We saw 22 companies in 3 days.

Anyway! I promised I'd post additional pics of my yukata picnic with Mel and Mich back in April 2009 in this post, and here they are! These are the fun pics. My earlier post had the boring ones hahahaha.

I stuffed Mel into something with PINK!
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Of course, I had to give her a matching pink bag to use :P
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Eh, ignore me in my kimono undies in the background :P

While we're getting ready.
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Random Darcy photo XD
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Me at the picnic..
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

I love this pic!
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

If there wasn't a background of buildings, I could almost pretend I'm in a forest somewhere ehehehe.

As we were packing up to go back in:
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Shoe shot! I rather like this pic, actually~
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

The three of us~ X3
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Showing off cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery :D
Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

Yukata Picnic (Mich's Cam)

*sighs happily* That was a nice walk down memory lane. I could almost feel the cold air of London while I was looking through those pics. It could've been the air conditioning, though :P

I hope you liked the pics! ^^ And I really really hope it makes up for part of the lack of updates ^^; Toodles~