Tuesday, 16 December 2008


It's been nearly two weeks since I last posted! Well, I blame that on my internet having died-ed sometime ago >_<""

News updates:
1) Had a kimono meet two Saturdays ago! It was fun :) Will hopefully post pics soon!
2) Patty flew home two Mondays ago.
3) I barely managed to finish my Monday and Friday courseworks in time.
4) Watched House MD, Seasons 1 to 4 in 4 days.
5) Met up with Hong on Friday, Mel came over halfway through, and we all went to Il Bordello for dinner. I had the spaghetti bolognese, a classic. It was the best I'd ever had. Yum.
6) Went to Richoux for Saturday lunch with Mel. Had kedgeree and scones. Yum. Went to Harrods after that to shop abit. (We had fun walking around the food halls, dissing the fruits. "Oh. My. GOD. Lookitdat! You call that a papaya?!?!?! I call that green playdoh!" XD)

And most importantly....

7) I'M HOME!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D Yay! I flew home on Saturday and landed last night. Business class is so fun.

I also have a new laptop!! We were able to determine that my internet problem was actually a hardware problem with my laptop somewhere, and my mum said that rather than spend so much money constantly fixing it, I ought to just buy a new one. So I told my brother to buy me on over the PC fair last weekend (I didn't have any specifics I wanted - "lots of HD" and "works" don't count :P) and he did! I came home to a nice 15" Asus M51V series laptop ^____^

I'm still familiarizing myself with it nd Windows Vista, so I'm not too good with either (I had t cut my nails so I could type properly!) but as long as Microsoft Office, internet, Internet Explorer and iTunes work, I'm perfectly happy :D

Speaking of my nails, I had a clumsy flight D: First, I accidentally broke a nail getting my monitor out. When I say "broke a nail", I mean "ripped half of it off my flesh". So my left thumb huuuuurts :( After that, an air steward broke a glass over my foot (ehehehe business class gets actual glasses and not plastic cups!). Then, on the way out the plane, I slipped down the stairs >____< I'm really lucky I managed to catch myself after a few steps, before I pushed the lady who was standing below me! (Ummm in case you're wondering about the stairs, I was sitting on the upper deck, three rows behind the door to the cockpit).

I swear the only thing that wasn't clumsy was the flight itself! I dunno if it was because I was sitting on the upper deck, but the take-off and landing was really smooth. Blegh, I'm glad my clumsiness isn't infectious, but I'm not glad that my clumsiness has carried over till today >:( When I went out for lunch with my siblings and mum, I tripped over half the things I walked by.

I wonder if there's something wrong with me? :P

Friday, 5 December 2008


I am sitting here in the computer labs, just staring at the screen and trying to finish a report that's due by midnight tonight (but we're aiming to have it sent off by 6 at the very latest). I'm so sick of this report because I've been reading the same damn thing over and over and over again. I never want to be an editor professionally. I feel so damn bored I could cry just for the heck of it. Ugh.

*sighs* Patty is coming to London today. Too bad he's arriving so much earlier than he said he thought he would be! He originally estimated that he'd arrive in London at around 5 or 6pm or so, but actually he's due to arrive at 3pm -_____- I had planned my whole day around the 6pm timeframe - get to school10am, hand in dissertation proposal 10.15am, do coursework, meet Sita at 3pm for her contribution to coursework, meet Andrea at 4.30pm for her contribution to coursework, final proofreading of the report at 5pm, last minute changes and sending it off 5.45pm, go home 6pm, meet Patty and go to Il Bordello anytime.

Instead, I'll now have to try and rush to finish the coursework. Luckily, Patty has the spare key to the back door, so he can let himself in. I told him to come to my uni if he wants, so he can use the internet here (and watch us panic and run around like headless chickens :P). I dunno if he'll take me up on that offer or not, but either way, I'll have to ignore him for a few hours. *shrugs* Oh well!

Tomorrow, we're planning to go to Borough Market! April is coming down to London from.... I forgot where she lives, but she's another kimono friend (YAY for kimono friends!) :) She'll arrive in London at 11am thereabouts, and Hong and I will go pick her up and we'll all go to Borough Market ^___^ Of course, we'll drag Patty along. The three of us girls will wear kimono! Yay! I can't wait! Tonight I'll definitely have to coordinate an outfit hehehe (I only confirmed on going yesterday).

Okay, I've had my break and chocolate. Time to get back to work! (... it's 2.30pm and Patty just called to say he's at Heathrow already. At this rate, he'll be in my uni before I even meet Sita or Andrea! :P)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Outfit Snap: Red Wool Komon & Parrot Obi

Finally, after nearly 3 weeks of kitsuke deprivement, I got to wear kimono today!

Actually, I wasn't supposed to wear kimono at all. However, the due date for one of my courseworks has been postponed, so I suddenly had a bit of free time!

Anyway, here are pictures of today's kitsuke:

The front:

The back:

With a shawl:

With scarf and hat:

With earmuffs:


The kimono came as a part of this lot of kimono I won for 2000yen. I think the lot had 7 kimono and 4 obi in it? Anyway, I calculated the prices and all, and I managed to figure out that each wearable piece cost about $17, shipping and all! So yay cheap stuff.

The kimono is red (slightly orange too) with a woven pattern that I can't seem to identify... The obi is a painted parrot obi that I bought a couple of months ago, because no one seemed to want it, and it was GORGEOUS. Of course, it's actually far too short for me, so I had aLOT of difficulty wearing it today! If I weren't so worried about bungling it up, I'd turn it into a tsuke obi! But first things first, I ought to try doing that on other obi....

I chose a yellow obiage to match the yellow flower and parts of the bird, and a green obijime to highlight the leaves, and to hopefully tie in the bag. I wore a white han'eri and white tabi with black zori.

This outfit seems to fit the Black, Red, White Challenge as well!

I actually changed my hairstyle after uploading these photos to braids, because there was something about the outfit that reminded me of my Showa Kimono Modan book, and lots of young girls had braids in those pictures. I haven't uploaded those pics yet, but I will do it soon.

I just realised I haven't posted pictures of the MCM Expo, or of my purple ensemble! *GASP* Must remember to do it soon....

Okay, back to work!