Sunday, 18 May 2008

Closet Feature: Kitsuke

I'm wearing kimono!

Today's ensemble is actually something I put together at the last minute last night when I thought of wearing kimono out to meet with Zhen. In the end I decided not to because I was going to be walking the whole way and didn't think it'd be very comfortable wearing kimono and trying to walk properly in all that wind!

I still ended up wearing it today anyway. I was supposed to go to Waitrose, but the weather's so rainy and dreary that I thought that I should go tomorrow instead. Anyway, back to the kimono..

This is the kimono I am wearing. It's synthetic and the best length for me - 163cm. The material is a little stiff, I suppose, but otherwise it's really easy to wear. One of my neatest kitsuke ever!
And details of the pattern. It's quite a nice kimono, really. The colours are very pale and neutral, and it almost looks like a black and white kimono from afar. I really really want a black and white kimono!! I can't tell you how many black kimono I've bid on just because the patterns on it are nearly white. Not that I've won them all of course... This one is my favourite so far ^_^
I matched it with this obi to get a black and white outfit. I'd worn this before when I went to Takenoko's kimono exhibit in Wales. I've also paired it with many of my "unmatchable" kimono. I think I got the best value for money out of this obi :P
The lining of the kimono was a really dark red, so I decided to add some colour by using this obijime and obiage set, showing off the red side of the obijime:
Again for more colour, I paired the whole thing with this zori set:
The obi can be tied normally, and still have the pattern turn up dead center in the back. Still, I thought of practicing with my biyo sugata:

It was a good practice. It will take some getting used to, of course, but otherwise, it's made my otaiko turn out very well. Slightly lopsided and slightly wrinkled (despite the TWO obi ita I'm wearing) but a perfect otaiko otherwise.

I haven't a picture of it, but the juban I chose to wear with this kimono is PERFECT. The length is adequate, the sleeve length is perfect.. Even the sleeve width is perfect! The whole juban sleeve fits perfectly into the kimono sleeve without anything peeking out or scrunching up! Plus, the juban is white with pink (nearly red) flowers and green leaves with the odd yellow flower flitting about here and there.

*sighs* I wish I had a camera to use to take pictures. Once my exams end, I am soooo going to find a camera shop in London and see if they have a camera charger I can use! Till then, I'll just have to be satisfied with my phone's camera....

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