Saturday, 10 May 2008

Steamed eggs

I discovered something odd just now.

I was cooking steamed eggs and decided I wanted a bit more flavour in them so I decided to replace the water with chicken stock. I added a little too much stock, so when I steamed the eggs, it ended up being cooked, but with a heck load of water left behind! But because it was stock instead of water, the dish turned out to be a steamed egg with soup dish. How odd! But still, I think it tasted damn good. I mean, steamed eggs and soup! Nothing can go wrong with those two :D

Anyway, here's a quick recipe. I swear, steamed eggs are the easiest thing to cook in the world! Can't go wrong with them! And it's easier to cook than fried eggs, that's for certain!

Beat a couple of eggs in a bowl (one that can be used in a steamer). Add 250ml to 300ml of stock and seasonings (I usually use pepper, salt and Worcestershire sauce. Don't ask about the last one, I just like it in every dish I make). Mix thoroughly, steam for 20 minutes or so. Eggs should not be watery, and any liquid in the bowl should be clear.

Of course, this was done in an electric steamer and I notice things tend to overcook in them if I use the timings I would use for a normal bamboo steamer. If steamed eggs are overcooked, they tend to turn grey and the tops will be wrinkly. Despite its unappetizing appearance, it does taste alright.

Okay, I'm not entirely sure why I put up such a basic recipe but *shrugs* okay. Next time I'll cook the one with minced pork! I haven't eaten that in ages.

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