Wednesday, 7 May 2008

UNIQLO yukata sets!

UNIQLO has once again started selling yukata sets. The link to the site is here. ^___^ The prices have gone up since they first started selling them.. They used to go at ¥3990, but this summer they're being sold for ¥4990! *sighs* Inflation, inflation.

Anywayz, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the ones I like! I couldn't get close-up pictures (it was a flash player thingy that controlled the zooming in and out), but I assure you they're really pretty!

The first has retro-ish spots on a navy yukata. O_O OMG even though I hate spots in any yofuku (Western clothing), I've adored spots in kimono for a long time! *sighs dreamily*
Second is a black yukata (again) with a rose pattern. It doesn't look like much here, but it looks gorgeous up-close!!
Last of all is my absolute favourite set that I feel I MUST have! It's white, with a more autumn-y pattern in maroon. I want it so badly!! It has everything I love in kimono! White based yukata - check. Vertical stripes on yukata - check. Darker, more mature colours for pattern, - check. Said colours are a variation of red/maroon/purple - CHECK!! *sighs* I want it so badly!
Can I get it....? *puppy eyes* Please?


Petrina said...

Okay go buy it then!

Anonymous said...

I have long wished for a yukata. My friend it going to Japan this July by cruise. I hope she will get access to a Uniqlo. And I hope there will be yukata left, not sold out.

Are these 3 the only styles? Is yukata only have one size?