Sunday, 27 September 2009

Event Aftermath: Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009!

So yesterday was the TAF. I had something to do in the morning, so I only went for the bridal kimono dressing demonstration in the evening ^_^

Of course, I wore yukata there. I kind of wanted to be seasonally appropriate and wear a hitoe komon, but it was sooooo hot yesterday that anything heavier than a yukata would've just about killed me! I had also made up my mind to wear my hanabi yukata outfit (the one with a white obi and maroon accessories), but I've put on so much weight that it doesn't fit very well anymore ;_;

So instead, I wore this! (My kitsuke was crap yesterday, so please ignore it! I blame it on my ever-expanding hips and the fact that I'm 3 months out of practice).
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

The yukata is part of a set that I got from YJA simply because I liked the spots. I didn't even know the sizing - I just prayed that it fit ^^;; Thankfully, it was a brand new pureta one, so it did! The obi is a seafoam green one I'd fallen in love with and couldn't help but buy.

In here, you can see just how well the obi matches the spots on the yukata!
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

How I looked like from the back:
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

The musubi:
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

At the bridal kimono dressing demonstration...

The woman is a professional kimono dresser (Japanese, of course) and the man is her translator.
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

She is the dresser's assistant:
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Dressing the model in the first layer..
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Putting her in a furisode..
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Tying the obi...
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

The obi musubi...
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Putting on the uchikake..
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

(I kind of skipped the pics of dressing the guy cos they're not very nice at all...)

The bridal couple! XD
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

They were students of the college, I believe, and the audience were yelling out "OMEDETOU!" (congratulations) at them XD

After the models were dressed and the explanations finished, the audience was allowed to go up on stage to take pics with them. Lots of people did!
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

I went to speak to the sensei then ^^ She's so cute and nice, and she was tugging at my yukata, saying it was very modern and pretty =^___^= I took a picture with her too! (Plz ignore my ugly face)
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

After the demo ended, my parents and a family friend picked me up and we went to eat dinner at a good Japanese restaurant. Everyone stared =^^=; But the food was good, so I was a very happy duck yesterday.

I really enjoyed last night. I feel it was a really good demonstration. The kitsuke was very well done, and every step was explained along the way. The kimono was breathtakingly beautiful, and the room had great air conditioning :P It really surpassed my expectations!

The crowd had also surprised me. When the demo started, there were only about 15 to 20 people in the hall. But apparently, more and more people kept trickling in as when I turned my head to look at the lecture theatre, it was at least 75% full! ^_^ It made me so happy to know that people in Malaysia were interested in kimono.. :')

To the guy I spoke to at the TAF and who directed me to LT1: For guiding me to the hall and chatting for a bit, and most especially for pushing for the demo to be arranged, thank you very much for everything! ^_^

That's all folks! Bye! ^_^

Monday, 21 September 2009

Back from Singapore!

I'm baaack! It was a lovely, relaxing holiday. We shopped all weekend and I spent soooooo much money it isn't even funny! >_<"" Anyway, I'm abit tired and lazy to really post much, so it's going to be in point form, again. This post is mainly for pics. I would post alot more, but it's taken me 2 bloody hours to upload 5 tiny resized pics, and I'm so fed up with the internet here that I can't be bothered to post more. I miss Singapore already. 1) About a month ago, my camera died on me right smack in the middle of a working trip, so my mum got me a new camera. Say hi!

2) On my last trip to Singapore two months ago, I had a day off, so I spent the whole afternoon wandering around Singapore and looking for all the yukata shops I'd seen on It was fun! In terms of kimono, I bought a lovely blue hanhaba obi with matching thin obijime, and a reddish sort of obijime.


3) This trip to Singapore, we were given prime rooms with a "great view" in Swissotel! I don't think Singapore is all that pretty in the morning, but at night, when everything is plunged into darkness and the city comes alive with bright lights and music, the view is breathtaking. Singapore is also currently preparing for their F1 Night Race, so the spotlights are all up and everything. On Saturday night, they had a test run of the spotlights, and we could see it from our rooms! Here's a wee picture:

4) I spent soooo much money this weekend. Srsly. Three months' salary wouldn't cover it. Akihabara Japan Products should love me. Here are my spoils! :D

I bought a lined kimono, a yukata, a kasane-eri, a hanhaba obi, a basket bag, one pair of women's geta, one pair of really cute skull men's geta, one tsuke eri, and (not shown in this pic) two obiage. Feel my happiness!!! XD XD XD

I'm very tempted to wear the yukata for this Saturday's TAF event, but I'm not sure... Pink doesn't seem to be much of a night-time colour to me. I think I might finally wear that hanabi yukata ensemble I was meant to wear to Bon Odori all those months ago. Or maybe I should wear that false rose shibori yukata I bought for my sister...? Decisions, decisions!

That's all for now! Toodles! XD

Friday, 18 September 2009

Off to Singapore~

I haven't updated in ages! I'm sorry it's once again a random rambling sort of post, but yeah...


1) Been busy making and delivering hampers, layer cakes and mooncakes out to clients.
2) Going to Singapore tomorrow, coming home on Monday. I'm looking forward to helping the Singaporean economy XD
3) I've got a permanent job in my office now. Woohoo. Stupid paperwork D:

Oh yeah, and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all! (And I kind of just realised I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Merdeka Day all those weeks ago. Oh well!)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Event Announcement: TAF UPDATE!

I found more info on TAF, so I'm going to put it in a new post rather than confuse myself with the old one ^^;;;;

TAF: Taylor's Asaban Festival 09
Date: Saturday, 26 September 09
Time: Morning Session (ACG Convention style): 11 – 5pm
Time: Evening Session (Matsuri Style Fest.): 6 - 11pm
Venue: Taylor's Main Campus (TUCMC), SS15, Subang Jaya
Admission: RM7 for day event, free for night event

Description: TAF is an event aiming to further promote the modern J-Visual Culture in Malaysia by letting visitors themselves indulge in the said experience themselves.

(The event is still in its preliminary stages of execution and are subject to changes without prior notice)

Activities include:

Day Event: Japanese Visual Culture
•ACG Booths (DDR, Osu, etc.)
•Dounjinshi Booths
•Singing Competitions
•Art Competitions
•Lucky Draw
•Performances by Spirit of Music
•Cosplay Cafe

Night Event: Matsuri (Traditional Japanese Festival)
•Performances by Spirit of Music
•Japanese Food Stalls featuring snacks, meals and desserts; here's your chance to chomp on temakis, teppanyaki, unagi, tempura, salmon, sushi rice, Matcha green tea, Azuka beans and mochi.
•Traditional Game Stalls
•Traditional Dance
•Cosplay Cafe
•Yukata Rental
•Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration

Website: Under construction

Info source: Comic Fiesta forums, this site and this site

Omg, I'm really really looking forward to this one now!! ^________^ I'm especially in love with the activities lined up for the night event. Now, if only they'd do that kimono wearing demonstration in the day event, then I'd stay there the whole day! Hahaha :D

I really wish my UK kimono buddies were here to enjoy this with me... :( Oh well! Maybe I'll bully my sister and her bf into coming along with me, just for the night event at least! ^_^

Random note no.1: I found out one of my colleagues also owns a yukata from when she went to Japan to teach English on a one-month volunteer program!! Where do I sign up???

Random note no.2: Phuket was hot. I'm sunburnt. I'm happy :D

Bye! ^_^