Thursday, 29 May 2008


Hey, do you guys remember this furisode from this post??

Oh my goodness, I've just realised that despite my enthusiasm at the prospect of wearing it, I still haven't bought an obi to match with it!! I think that the dark purple fukuro obi I got was meant to go with this, but it matched my pale peach butterfly-and-fans furisode far better than it matched this one, so once again, I am left without an obi for this.

I also need to search for obiage and obijime for this set. Despite my earlier hesitation to buy a bright green obi for this furisode, I think I will search for one simply because it is the easiest colour to match this with. However, I don't really know what obiage and obijime will match!! Red? White? Dark orange? Blue? Does anyone have any suggestions?

.... But I really shouldn't be shopping now, should I? *goes off to eat strawberries*

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