Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Video: How to Put on a Nagoya Obi (Japanese)

A friend of mine was telling me about this really good Youtube clip of a woman explaining how to put on a Nagoya obi in 10 minutes - including a really detailed explanation of all the steps.

I've only just watched it and thought it was worth sharing!

Unfortunately, it's all in Japanese, which isn't really helpful for understanding her tips if you don't know the language, but I think just watching the movements is enough to help with many usual problems people have when putting on an obi!

I really like that the clip has two points of view, which gives much more perspective of what goes on "behind the scenes", so to speak, when putting on an obi.

I think my absolute favourite thing about the clip is that she doesn't do every step absolutely perfectly like in the magazines (for example, the top of the otaiko looks a little crooked in some angles, etc), yet the obi still looks straight and perfect once she's done!



snippa said...

Thanks for sharing that video - fascinating. Glad the pictures were in English!

Amanda said...

Interesting and helpful! However, I dont like how the te section wasn't tucked under the musubi at her left side, you can see it poking out on her front under her sleeve!

Walter said...

I just spent an interesting 10 minutes watching the video. Thanks for sharing it :) If she didn't do so much talking, she looks like she could put it on in 5 minutes ^^

Kimono Dresses on Sale said...

Absolutly Walter, it was very good video tut.. loved it, very nicely explained.

Priscilla said...

You're most welcome, everyone! ^_^ Glad to know it's as interesting to everyone else as it was to me!

Jyven said...

Thank you for sharing!
Even I didn't know that tucking both Obijime under is for attending funeral... OMG, hope I didn't do it...
But usually I like to tuck one up and the other side under, because it falls right that way.
She said to play safe, better tuck both from above. No wonder when I go for performance, the kimono dresser always dress me that way.
Hadn't been paying attention to that><

Lizette said...

Thank you so much for this video. Now I'm looking forward to collect videos like these that teach me tips on how to tie my own kimono's obi. And thanks much Jyven for that tip. It's so helpful.:)

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