Monday, 5 May 2008

Cookies again

Hehehe I got bored of sitting around and studying, and I've been feeling restless lately, so I went grocery shopping today (haven't been to Waitrose in ages! Two weeks I think. Or two and a half. O_O Whoa, what did I eat??). Unfortunately, I was stocking up on fish and meats to freeze, and my basket got really heavy with my basic essentials so I couldn't visit the baking section :( I'm going to have to go back tomorrow, though, cos I forgot to buy dishwashing liquid, and sponges. Hehehe, I'll go nuts with the baking stuff then!!

I wanted to bake a cake again, but with what I had, I could only bake the most basic of cakes, or peanut butter cake (which I'm not in the mood for). I had to turn to cookies instead, but once again, it was either peanut butter cookies or plain cookies. I decided to bake cut-out sugar cookies, since I felt like putting my cookie cutter collection to use hehehe. I actually didn't have enough plain flour, so I replaced the remainder with self raising flour x_x"" I know it's not a good thing to do, but I was desperate, and Waitrose closes early on Sundays!

I also made a mistake with the butter, as I'd accidentally melted a bit of it in the microwave when I was softening it (the setting was too high). Oh well, it all turned out for the better in the end, because it was really easy to cream the butter and sugar till light and fluffy, and it did seem quite airy when I was done mixing (okay okay, I'll admit that creaming butter and sugar manually is my favourite part of baking aside from the eating part :P It's so fun!!). I think I may have added too much flour, despite the fact that it was what the recipe told me to add in. Oh well...

As of now, the dough is sitting in the fridge to firm up so I can roll it out and cut the cookies. I can't wait!! There's still 40 minutes left to go before the minimum fridge time is over, but I'll head downstairs in 20 minutes to clear up a space in the kitchen to roll out the dough, preheat the oven and wash some of the dishes (yeah yeah I'm lazy to do it right away). When the cookies are baked, I'll post again to give my verdict of this recipe, and to post the recipe as well! :P

Oh, I probably should mention that I bought scallops to cook for dinner (I had a late lunch, so I'll only cook dinner after the cookies are done) and "Madagascan Vanilla Flavoured Milk". It's.... interesting. It smells and tastes like vanilla custard -___-" The only difference is the texture! Oh well, I'll see how well it goes with the cookies. It does go well with the chocolate cake thing I baked the other day. Speaking of that, I haven't been eating them, but someone has. They're disappearing one-by-one. GOD I'm so glad to be sharing a flat with someone who'll eat my cooking! *sniggers* "Homemade with love", as is my food shop's name in Ragnarok Online.

Okay, I'm gonna go get more milk. Bye!

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