Thursday, 29 May 2008


It's been busy. On Monday, the weather was absolutely horrible. We went out anyway to Chinatown cos Patty wanted to have Misato. Before we stopped by, we went grocery shopping for instant noodles and found a whole pile of other junk to buy. Whoopsie >.> For some reason, they couldn't read my debit card, so we had to pay by cash.

Then we went to line up at Misato. HAHA while we were halfway through the line, we realised we didn't have any cash on us after the grocery store, and I hadn't remembered the cash point that was right beside Cafe de Hong Kong. Misato doesn't take anything but cash. So we got out of line and went to HK Diner across the street instead.

We shared a baked pork rice, a deep fried squid and a plate of steamed 3-style eggs. Yum! Patty couldn't eat much of the eggs (it was the century eggs he wasn't too fond of) so I ended up eating 2/3 of that. Whoa, I feel my cholesterol levels shooting through the roof! Patty enjoyed his pork rice, though. I can't believe he's never had it before!!! He said he'd tried the seafood one before, but in my opinion, the pork one is much better. After eating it, Patty agrees XD

On Tuesday, Patty went back to Concord. I'd baked cookies the night before, so I packed him most of them to eat and to give to Eva (if they didn't get completely crushed..). I hope he gave them to her!

Yesterday was my IT exam. If I thought I died on my other exams, that was nothing compared to this one. I don't want to talk about it.

After my exams, I went to Waitrose. I was feeling upset over my exam and was craving for loads of spaghetti with cream sauce. So I bought spaghetti and 4-cheese sauce. I also bought some veggies, a salad, ground almonds, bulgar what, canned soup and a bunch of other junk >.> My cupboard is full now. Please stop me from grocery buying unless it's fruits and veggies.

I went to bed extra early last night too. Well, I hadn't meant to sleep, but I just lay down for a minute and the next thing you know, it was all dark outside and I was waking up at 3am. I just went back to bed lol. Woke up at 9am again. *sighs*

I had a really odd dream two nights ago about Prince Harry. I seriously have no idea where the heck he came from, but yeah. I can barely remember it, though, after my *grumbles* exam. Last night I had another odd dream about my old classmate from Sri KL Ming Yang (I'd dreamt about another old classmate Kenny a few weeks ago). *snorts* In my dream he was shy and sweet. In real life, he may have been quiet around me (unless he wanted to copy my notes/homework) but shy and sweet?? *snorts again* Liss, if you're reading this, remind me again what he was like? I swear, from what I remember in Form 4, he was anything BUT shy and sweet! Unless you put him next to his girlfriend, but that's a completely different case!

I wonder why I've been dreaming of ex-classmates lately. A premonition? Will we meet up in the summer? Nyehehehehehe... I wouldn't mind meeting up with the Sri KLian bunch again, though. It would be... interesting ;)

I feel like wearing kimono again. But I must tahan till Saturday, after my exams end! Then I can gallop around in a kimono all I want and no one can say a thing about it! Of course, I also need to remember to clean up my room from all the junk that seems to have accumulated from less than a week ago... I blame Patty's visit! He left behind a LOAD of junk! Clothes on my chair, clothes in my laundry bag, books, DVDs, cds.... Ling, I know what he spends his money on now -___-

Okay okay, I'm feeling hungry, so I'll go get the salad I bought yesterday and study for tomorrow's exam. Bye people!

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