Thursday, 15 May 2008


OH MY GOODNESS, remember when I bought those 5 yukata sets???? The same seller is now selling 5 geta sets!! *shrieks in excitement* I've been looking to get more geta for a long time, and here they are, cheap as hell!! *goes all starry eyed* Ahhh my dream.. For those who wish to shop there, the seller's name on Yahoo Japan Auctions is adakinu kyoto.

You know, someone once told me I would be classified as a "high maintenance" girlfriend. At that time, I was very insistent that I wasn't, but after seeing my shopping habits, I will admit I have expensive habits. *laughs maniacally* Pity the poor soul who marries me (if I even do get married). Especially if I get pregnant. My cravings are bad enough as they are!

EDIT> I've tried tying a fukura suzume bow using my more complicated biyo sugata. Everything went perfectly fine... until time came for me to put it on -___-" I swear those things were made to infuriate the human race. Why is it so easy to tie bows onto, but so difficult to put on!!!! *grumbles* Back to the drawing board.... But I will admit that for my first time using a biyo sugata, it turned out pretty good.

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