Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I just placed a bid for an electric taiyaki maker. O_O I hope I win it!! Or else I'll have to buy one from YJA, which may end up costing more.. But I'm still determined to get an electric one rather than one of those pans you have to manually do it with!

When I do make my taiyaki, I won't put anko in hehehe.. I'll put my all-time favourite filling since I was a scrawny kid - CHEESE!! *screams in delight*

Here are some pictures I got off YJA and Wikipedia:



Jim Am said...

I'm also bidding on the electric taiyaki maker, I wish you the best of luck bidding. I have been looking for one for a few years now,I collect electric waffle irons and a fish shaped waffle iron
would be great. In the event I dont win one on ebay, can you share the link to the YJA where you said you could get one. It might be easier for me to get one there then to wait for one on ebay.
THanks much and best ofluck to you.

Petrina said...

Okay go buy it!
We still have yet to use the takoyaki maker btw... I suppose we'll just wait until you come back and make it. Too lazy..