Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Just a quick post to say....

I pray that this year of the ox will be good to all of us :D

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Coursework Marks!

*squeals* I've just realised that all of my coursework marks last term were at least 2.1 standard! *happiness*

You know that coursework I had so many problems with and worked my ass off for? That one was the highest! We got a total of 76% for it!!!! *screams in absolute joy* That's a definite 1st class piece of work ^___^ I feel so proud~

I also should add that I got 69%, which is 1% away from 1st class, on my only individual coursework, which I'd finished in about... a day. Yeah. Kinda makes me regret not putting more work into it, because then I would've gotten a 1st for sure! Then again, that one day didn't include filtering all the information for the coursework, so actually it took longer than that o_O

Yeah, now to do better in my exams... x_x

Kimono Opinions: Of Hobbies and Choices

Have you ever looked back and wondered if you'd chosen the right hobby?

Years ago, I was faced with three hobby-crossroads - kimono, cosplay, or ball-jointed dolls. I was in love with all three, but because they're all very expensive hobbies, I decided I'd pick only one. Only thing was, which one should I choose...?

Empress Augusta Vradica i.e. Seth from Trinity Blood:

Catherina Sforza from Trinity Blood:

I can't remember who these people are cosplaying, but I got their picture from Cosplay.com:

I was still shy about actually going out and cosplaying at that time. I had no self-confidence and didn't really like having attention on myself, and cosplaying would've killed me: showing off my sewing "skills", my less than stellar body, and having people stare and whisper. Of course, back then, I'd never actually tried doing it, so I didn't have any idea how fun it really was. So cosplay was out.

Ball-jointed dolls:
(I got these pictures from Dream of Doll)
I want this doll, E-an:

I also would like Luke (the middle one):

Oh this one was a tough choice. These dolls are just so beautiful that I wanted all of them! I fell in love with every face I saw, every picture I stumbled across.... I would've been glad to spend my time looking for patterns, designing and sewing clothes for them, as opposed to using my laptop 24/7.

The major downside is that it's very expensive to begin with, and to maintain. For this, you have to put your all into it: the "starting costs" are about USD500 a doll. The E-an doll I want would cost $520 for the doll alone, with no make-up or clothes! If I want to add clothes, it becomes $595. If you want make-up, that's $60 extra. Not to mention customs taxes, which are a sure thing given its price! *shudders* No thank you. When I'm working and earning over RM100k a year, and have at least RM20k in my hobbies account (siphoning about 10% of earnings every other month and out of any bonuses), I'll buy a doll out of my own earnings, thanks. I just hope I won't be married already by that time.


This hobby was unusual. You rarely see people wearing kimono in the UK or in KL unless there's some event. I'd heard of horror stories of how one kimono can cost thousands of dollars. Then suddenly, I discovered eBay. I saw kimono being sold for anything from $1 to $90 each. I realised that, unlike BJ dolls, you can start out small, with one kimono here, an obi there, a few accessories. If I decided I didn't like it, then I hadn't spent all that much money and so it was okay. Besides, it looked pretty! Plus, I'd already had two yukata sets from Naoi-san, a foreign exchange student we hosted. And so, I bought two kimono at less than $10 each, including shipping. I was hooked.

So there you have it - how and why I chose kimono to be my hobby. Except for one thing....

I'm still insanely obsessed over ball-jointed dolls and cosplaying.

I regularly visit Dream of Doll (they're my favourite designer) and cosplay forums. Whenever I find a nice anime, I immediately look for cosplay pictures. Everytime I login to eBay, I search for cosplay costumes that look relatively good (not that I'd buy them). And once in a while, when my kimono obsession has cooled off slightly, I look at the pictures I've collected and wonder why I didn't choose those instead.

But then I remember - both cosplaying and BJDs are very expensive hobbies if you want to do them right, and besides, how often can I cosplay? I can dress up and feel just as pretty, if not prettier, by wearing kimono, can't I? And with kimono, I can always buy $1 pieces and find they're still perfectly wearable/useable.

With that in mind, I once again turn devotedly to my kimono - until the next time I feel tired of kimono for a bit, and the whole cycle starts again.

P/S: If my parents lay into me about spending too much on kimono, maybe I should show them my alternative hobby in BJDs instead *snickers*

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these pictures! Some are random pics I've collected over the years, and the doll pictures are from their official website, Dream of Doll.

Happy New Year...?

Haha, it's late, but Happy New Year! ^^;;;;;

First of all, I must make excuses as to why I haven't posted in ages. The reason is simple: When I was at home, I was lazy. There you have it. I did do lots of things though: I decorated the church for Christmas, I ate out alot, I wore kimono in KL Hilton for dinner, I baked cupcakes with my sister and a neighbour for a church event, my sister and I baked a load of other stuff as well, I helped with a family friend's wedding decorations, I went out with Liss once and I got my research stuff for my dissertation done! *phew* That was a busy 2 1/2 weeks! Chrissy, I'm sorry I didn't call you, but I didn't check my blog (sucky internet *grumbles*) till I got back to London :(

Anyway, I flew back to London on Jan 1st. Yeah, my New Year's consisted of 2 hours in KLIA, 14 hours on a plane, and another 2 hours in Heathrow. At least it wasn't too crowded in the airport then....

I have a new flatmate! MeiZi moved out, and this new guy moved in. His name is Dominic. He's quite quiet, so I'm feeling rather relieved. He's also nice, and really gets things done :) (refer to the story three paragraphs down).

My January exams have started. The first one was on Tuesday, which I have a feeling I screwed up, but at this point, I'll just settle for a pass :( My next one is on Friday, and is going to be the most difficult one so far. Blegh. I can't wait.

Yesterday was quite a bad day. First I had my crappy exam, then my toilet broken down. The handle-thingy you use to flush? That's completely loose now. As in you pull it and it comes out. I have no idea how that happened. The time I went to the loo before it broke down, it was perfectly normal, then suddenly BAM, it's down.

Dominic and I spent the whole of this morning chasing down people at Ludlow Thompson to get someone to fix it, because the plumber we called said that we had to get permission first. I finally got through to Dominic's contact when he was in a meeting, and she put me through to the client manager, who was supposed to call me this afternoon about this. He didn't. So we're going to have to chase him down, cos it sucks that we don't have a working toilet. I've been borrowing James's.

To make matters worse, I got my period today. I'm cramping, and in pain, and would like nothing better than to stay on a toilet bowl till pieces of my uterus start falling out (they actually do fall out with the blood. That's when I know the pain will start to ease up soon) but I don't have a damn working toilet to use. James's one is en-suite so it's rather embarrassing to have to knock on his door to use the loo. *grumbles* I really hope a plumber will fix it tomorrow, or Friday's exam is sooooooo gonna suck.

On a lighter note, we're going to have a kimono meet-up on 31st January! There's an event a number of us UK IG-ers are going to, and we're all (probably) going to wear kimono ^_^ My friend Hong and I are already planning our outfits! I'm letting her wear my snowflake one because she's so in love with it, and I'm going to wear my yagasuri kofurisode. Only thing is, we haven't coordinated obi or accessories yet... I was thinking of using my pink lily obi with my kofurisode to create a sweet look, but really, I'd like nothing better than a red or canary yellow obi to go with this for a vintage look!

Anyway, it's really late now so I ought to go to sleep. I have alot of accumulated pictures to post, but I'll do that after my Monday exam, or maybe in two Sundays' time! (I've got three exams - one on Friday, another on Monday, and the last one is on the Friday after that. Straight after my last exam, I'm meeting Hong for an okonomiyaki lunch, then we'll come back to my flat to finish coordinating our ensembles! And on Saturday, I'm going out with Krystal from English tuition waaaay back in Form 5 ^_^)

G'night ppl!

Zhen, thanks!! =^_^= Sure I don't mind going out sometime! :) Where do you stay now? Still the same flat? Or have you moved? I'm still staying at the one at Waitrose ^^ Umm if you don't mind, my last exam is on the 23rd, and I'm busy on the 24th, so maybe we can meet after that?