Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Grocery Shopping

The lack of vegetables (and loo paper) convinced me to go to Waitrose today instead of tomorrow, as planned. I spent about £75 today. O_O OUCH. The reason? I bought 5 cooking magazines.

I haven't read them all yet, and have only finished reading one so far and am about halfway through delicious magazine, but I must say that some of these recipes are really interesting!! Ling, you love creme brulee right? Here, there's a recipe for honey and lavender creme brulee!! This is fantastic! I'll have to go to Borough Market sometime to get some lavender sprigs to make this.

Then there's also a recipe for ratatouille. To be honest, just watching the movie Ratatouille makes me crave for the dish. On the other hand, the dish has a heck load of peppers in it, so I don't think I'll eat all that much of it, really.... Unless I lessen the amount of peppers and up the amount of courgettes. Gotta love courgettes XD

On a side note, I went to collect a parcel today. It had a new Uniqlo yukata set in it (a second hand set) and two biyo sugata. O_O YAY I finally have my long-awaited for biyo sugata!!
I'm ever so glad it came with instructions too - I've looked all over the net but could never find instructions!! Of course, I never got to poke around the Japanese websites, but still! I was thinking of taking pictures of the instructions and posting them on the Immortal Geisha forums, because even there no one has the instructions (in picture form) posted!

Hehehehe, once my monthly visitor leaves, I'm going to have to practice using it!! ^_^

Speaking of my "monthly visitor", I swear my uterus has a mind of its own. It's practically become tradition that I get my period a day or two before my first day of exams!! *grumbles* And the flow is quite heavy, too, this time. Ah well.. If everything goes as usual, all I have to do is wait till a chunk of my uterus comes out then it'll slow down and stop in a couple of days. Sheesh.

Oh bugger I just realised I'd forgotten to buy more vitamin supplements. And strawberry essence (but Waitrose doesn't sell strawberry essence!! O_O Shocking!) as well as cream (both double and single). Ah well.. At least I remembered to buy yeast and bread flour. Now I can make mantou. Finally!! I'd been craving it all week!

Despite my exam schedule, Mel and I are planning to go out on a picnic on Friday. We're going to buy the food instead of make it, so I won't waste too much time on it. Plus, we're doing it Japanese-style! Okay, more like we're just gonna sit on a blanket and eat onigiri and sushi and dango and drink tea and beer. I hope the weather will continue to be nice on that day!! My black and gray dress from Singapore will be perfect to wear there. I'm also going to wear geta as they're the most logical choice, but I haven't decided which pair yet. Probably the mustard yellow pair, although I don't know if it'll really match. It's at times like this that I really wish I had a maroon pair! Oh well..

Okay, I'm gonna go flip through the food mags now. Bye and sorry for the random ramblings!


Marta said...


I'm Marta, and I've been looking for a biyosugata for a while.
I found one at a Rakuten store, but I finally couldn't buy it because they couldn't send it to me (I live in Spain), so now I've seen you bought a biyosugata, I would like to know where you bought it.

Could you please tell me how to buy one?

Thanks for all, and please, sorry if my English is not so good, buy it's not my motherlanguage.

Have a nice day!

Marta said...

I forgot to say: if you prefer to contact me to my e-mail, it's

Anyway, you can acced to my blog at my profile. Please, feel free to visit me ^^