Sunday, 18 May 2008

Closet Feature: Yukata~~

I wore a yukata today. Seasonally and weather-inappropriate (at least later in the day it was) but it's my furisode yukata. I really wanted to wear a furisode, but I didn't want to spend hours and hours just on putting on something when I wasn't even going to go out in it! So yeah, my furisode yukata was the best choice.
Actually, this yukata is one of my "matchless"/"unmatchable" kimono. I had a couple of obi I thought would go well with it before I received it, but when I look at them together, they just don't look good.

In the end, I had to wear it with my purple yuzu/mikan-motif nagoya obi.

I tied this obi normally this time, because it's short, so the biyo sugata wasn't a good option, and I wanted to tie my obi quickly, and practicing getting a perfect otaiko with the biyo sugata takes time. I'm glad I'm getting better at tying otaiko obi!! <3!>
I'd matched the outfit with a dark dusty pink obiage and obijime. In my opinion, the whole outfit looked really girly, especially with the geta I chose to match it with (even if I didn't go out and thus didn't wear the geta at all except to see how it looked like).
The geta, admittedly, isn't a perfect match, but it's the best I have at the moment.
I took loads of pictures with my phone. Darn, I've GOT to learn how to transfer pictures into my laptop from my phone!!

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