Saturday, 17 May 2008

I want this set!!

Okay, I haven't really been posting much about kimono these days x_x"" It's not so much because I've been losing interest, but rather, I haven't been buying anything new lately ^^;;

Anyway, I thought I'd post about this set from Yamatoku Classics that I've been eyeing for years now. I really really like it, but it costs $320! Then again, the sizing is really good, plus it's a 7-piece set. It has the kimono, the obi, a juban, the obiage, the obijime, the zori and a matching bag! It's so very much worth it - but I just balk at the idea of spending so much in one go.

Here are pictures of the set. Enjoy!

Front view of the whole set:
Upclose view of the front:
Side view:
Back view:
Upclose view of the back:
*sighs* Isn't it just gorgeous?? I know that this sort of pattern doesn't really appeal to many people, but it just strikes me as the kind of kimono I'd wear often. It's so casual and so "town-wear" that I can't help but want it!! *hint hint* Birthday present, anyone? :P

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