Sunday, 11 May 2008

Yet another weird dream

Oh my Lord, last night I had such an odd dream that I can't help but post about it!

I dreamt that we went back to Sri KL for something, and I was studying while listening to my iPod in my Form 4 class. The principal called for an assembly but the whole class didn't go. Suddenly, the classroom started moving and flew down to the assembly courtyard o_O We got yelled at, and they wanted to a spot-check on us. I practically panicked, because I wasn't wearing the proper school uniform. I mean, sure, I was in the baju kurung uniform, but I was wearing slippers rather than the school socks and black shoes, plus I had my phone and iPod with me (both aren't allowed in the school).

All of a sudden, my Sri KL friends Doreen, Siew Jean and Swen were standing on a street in London (if I'm not mistaken, it was some small road off Neal Street) and they wanted to go to a marketplace with loads of food. I agreed to take them there, because Yan and I had gone there the day before. So we got into Doreen's inflatable car (shaped like a canoe, and has to be filled with custard before it can be driven) and I directed her to West Kensington station to get on a District Line train. I'm not entirely sure how, but apparently, in my dream, West Kensington station is close to Covent Garden. Lol.

Anyway, once we got there, I realised we were at the wrong entrance point, and had to go to another station to get to the right place. By that time, we were joined by Patrick (my brother) and Lee Tung (Concord friend). Doreen then told me there wasn't enough time for them to visit before their flight, so instead we drove off after expanding her inflatable car to fit 6 people instead of 4. I can't remember when or where, but somehow our group included this little girl who had to sit on my lap while Doreen was driving. What I do remember, is pitching a fit that I had an exam later that day and I shouldn't have wasted my time on that useless "quest" because I could've studied instead.

Odd, isn't it?? I think the car was the funniest thing, because it was like driving a soft, squishy canoe in the middle of the streets!

Okay, I gotta go study now. Just thought I'd share my odd dream lol.

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