Thursday, 1 May 2008


*frowns* I was kinda craving something sweet today, but we didn't have any dessert stuff in the house except for one box of instant cake mix. I really wanted to use it, but I couldn't as we had no eggs either. I decided to try using an egg replacement thing I found online while looking for recipes.

For each egg I had to use, I replaced it with 2 tbsp water, 1 tbsp oil and 2 tsp baking powder, all whisked till the froth goes away (that was damn fun to do hehehe). The result was.... odd. I accidentally overbeat the cake mix, and the result was that the batter before I put it into the tin was kinda mousse-like and very light. I think that may also have been a side-effect of the frothy baking powder.

When the mini cakes (I used a muffin tray cos I'm lazy to use a cake tin) were cooked, they turned out really light, with an odd taste. The lightness was due to the overbeating, the baking powder and also maybe because this time I whisked the liquids till quite frothy, then added the packet mix rather than just campur-ing everything in one go.

About the odd taste.... Well, you can taste a little of the olive oil in it (the olive oil had a really strong flavour, but it was 11pm and we didn't have any other oil in the flat other than my truffle olive oil), and the aftertaste is really bitter. Seriously!! I mean, halfway through the second one, I wanted to spit it out because it was so bitter!! But then again, "bitter" is rather relative to what I usually like in baked goods. Hehehhee, sweet tooth queen...

Appearance-wise, I think they turned out quite nicely! No parts were overly brown, the whole cake is evenly cooked throughout, and the tops are really nice and flat. Exactly the sort that's perfect for frosting!! Some of them did crack a little on the top, but whatever, the others were still fine! Hehehehe..

All in all, I'd only recommend using the egg replacement thing when you're really really desperate, like I was.

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that the whole family moved into a new house, and the inside was very very big and comfortable, with huge rooms and tasteful antique-y interior decorations.

What I really REALLY loved about that house was the outdoors bit!! There were balconies and patios EVERYWHERE and we had this water feature thing that filters rain from the roof, and flows through these wooden pools/baths/fountains over 5 floors! They were all sturdy enough to hold the weight of 5 people, and I remember sitting in the one right outside my room in a swimsuit, playing with the water. It was so fun as well, when it started raining! A whole group of us (my friends and sister.. an all-female group) just sat there in the tub with its mysteriously warm water, and let the light rain fall on us. Very therapeutic! (Did I spell that right?)

The best part is that it all looks natural and new outside and because it was in a remote and very quiet area, and we were surrounded by trees, it felt very peaceful. It's really hard to describe it in words, but it's certainly a dream I wouldn't mind having again or sharing with others, if I could.

Ahh, just thinking of it makes me feel the peace flowing through me again. *heart*

Have you had any interesting dreams lately?

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