Thursday, 24 February 2011


I'm still alive! Feels like alot of things have happened since my last post~ ♥

  1. Went to a few places. I think we were in Singapore at one time last month... And Johor the month before that..
  2. CNY came and went! Surprisingly, it was a rather quiet one this year.
  3. Our annual CNY party was.... wet XD Felt like we were in a typhoon taking shelter under flimsy tents hahaha. Everyone got wet, I think! About 300+ people turned up despite the weather...
  4. I got to see Liss!! We met up once in January and another time at my CNY party :) Absolutely great to catch up!! Especially since she won't be home for another 18 months :/ *sighs* Time to plan a trip to visit her, I think XD XD
  5. Our new maid ran away! Just a few days before CNY too :/ No big issue has come out of it other than the police reports, and since she was here for less than 3 months the agency is getting us a new maid. The family has been spending alot of time cleaning the house. One more month...
  6. Finally cleaned up my room!! Now I have the time (and inclination XD) to dress up, do outfit snaps, take pics of the clothes I want to sell... My mannequin is really coming in handy here :)
I feel like dressing up in one of my new kimono~~♥ I've already put together an outfit! Now's just a matter of finding the time to dress up ♥ But it's been getting busier at work, and looks like it won't ease up till Invest Malaysia is over (that's in mid-April lol!), so I'll most probably stone alot at home till then XD;

Hmmm sleep sounds like a good thing right now....