Friday, 2 May 2008


I had this really weird dream last night that I kept on seeing ghosts. I vaguely remember seeing PorPor and KongKong, and it was quite creepy. The most memorable ghost was the father of this girl (about 12 years old I think) and her brother (my age, thereabouts). Apparently, he died a few years ago in front of them, and ever since then, he's been haunting their living room, which looks suspiciously like a combination of the lounge in Sandford House Hotel and another cosy, modernistic living room I saw in a magazine once. It was weird because there are always lots of people in the living room, and he'd just be sitting there, staring at all the people with that creepy expressionless face. Sometimes, he'd be outside the window, sitting amongst the plants and staring in. I remember always being freaked out by the ghosts, especially whenever I had to use the loo in that house, because there was always something just standing there and watching me.

After that dream, I woke up to go to the loo then went back to bed. I had another weird dream then. I dreamt that the family went to watch a play in the West End, and it was somewhat like Phantom of the Opera but more supernatural. For one thing, the "Phantom" of the story was really a ghost, and he kept enticing the heroine into following him (i.e. die and becoming a ghost) to grant him eternal happiness. Then came a really weird part where I remember being the heroine for a moment, and singing something that essentially asked the ghost if he ever thought that the heroine may leave him to find her own eternal happiness. The moment that was done, I panicked cos it wasn't in the script, and the whole play ended oddly :P After it was over, we walked out and were suddenly in KLCC/Pavilion/Gardens (the surroundings kept changing as we walked), and were given prizes from a lucky-draw. The most hilarious prize was mine, because for some reason, they gave me lockers. As in, the keep-stuff-in-them-at-school kind of lockers. *rofl*

I wonder why my imagination's suddenly going into overdrive.

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