Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Event Announcement: TAF: Taylor's Asaban Fest

Just a quick update, but today I found out about this event that I'd really like to go to! I'm pretty sure I'm free on that day, but whether or not I go depends very much on transport >_<""


-updated in next post-

I really hope I can go! ^_^ It'll be nice to have a reason to wear kimono/yukata... I heard last year's one was kinda bad, but I wouldn't mind just going to see what it's like :D Maybe it's time to start socializing on the Comic Fiesta forums and making friends so it would be more fun there! XD

Oh! Before I forget, it's Merdeka weekend this week, so my family and I are taking a short 4-day holiday to Phuket from Saturday to Tuesday. If anyone wants to contact me during that period, I'm afraid I won't be available till next Wednesday!

Ta! ^_^

Unpacking - Progress?

I don't think there's been any progress on the unpacking front :P I did clear up my floor so you could actually see it - but then I made a mess of it again when I decided to sort out my jewellery. I think I ought to finish it up tonight or something...

Other than that, nope! Nothing's been touched at all :P I did go to IKEA to buy some storage tubs, but I'll need to go back there again for some decorative nonsense.

Ooooh I bought a couple of noren curtains for my room! They're both really cute, but I only set up one (the summery-looking one). My dad really likes the idea, thank goodness! I'll wait for next year to put up the other one - it's a spring motif :D I'll have to take pictures!

Goodness, I've been promising alot of pictures but not following up with that promise, now have I? :( I think I'll just steal my brother's SD card and take the pics straight from it.

Ok, gotta work now. Ta!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

They're HERE!!!

My boxes are here!!! They arrived in Malaysia on Monday (or was it Tuesday?) and yesterday, they were finally delivered to my house!! XD

I think I horrified my family. My brother called my mum to tell her my stuff was in, and he was all "WTF she has so much stuff!" Lol. He was so amazed at just how much stuff I had that he took pics of the unpacking process :P

My mum gave me half a day off so I could finish unpacking it all in one go. Sadly, I really had so many things that half a day wasn't enough. I've fully unpacked (taken out of boxes, cleaned, put away, etc) 12 boxes, but I'm halfway through 2 more and am waiting for everything to be all cleaned up and put away so I can have alot of space when sorting out my books and CDs (those were the 5 boxes I didn't touch at all).

I've still got to go to Daisou and IKEA sometime soon. My mum says that since my dad is away this weekend, us girls (+ my sister's bf) can go for evening Mass on Saturday, then head for Daisou and IKEA after that. I need a looooot of storage space now!

I've got just barely enough space for all my kimono stuff. I guess that means no more buying? D: But it makes me soooo happy to open my cupboards and see them completely stuffed with kimono things!! XD

My parents bought me a table to store all my random things like notebooks and post-it notes - it's been completely converted into my "kitsuke necessities" table :P Koshihimo, tabi, hadajuban, obi makura - any "kimono undies" I have, they're all in that table. X3 Cute!

Will update more with pics soon. Ta!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Closet Feature: RyuJapan Sales Loot

I've been feeling guilty since I haven't updated about kimono at all in a long long time (except when whining about how much I've wanted to buy/wear/etc kimono). I still haven't been able to wear kimono so far (boooooo) but as a small consolation, I shopped a little yesterday!

RyuJapan had his summer sales last week, and yesterday was the last day. There was this one obi I've been drooling over for the past year or so. Three of Ryu's sales have passed and this obi still hadn't been sold. Yesterday, I really couldn't resist anymore and I got it at 60% off! XD Yay bargain!

Here's my new little beauty:

I also saw this cute hanhaba obi being sold for $6USD, so I bought it for fun :P

Ahhhh, I'm happy with what I bought! XD

Things to post about later:
1) Singapore trip
2) Genting trip
3) Johor trip
4) New camera
5) New kimono books
6) New kimono stuff

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Oh wow, it's really been a long time since I last updated!

Short notes:
1) I went to Genting for a work trip.
2) I didn't go to Genting to meet up with Mel, but she didn't go to Genting either anyway :(
3) It's been busy as heck, and we've been eating out alot. And I mean aLOT.
4) I bought a mannequin, but I haven't cleaned it yet so it's still standing, unused, in my room.
5) I'm never staying at Carcosa. Never.
6) A Concord friend has started interning with my mum too.
7) I'm going to Johor on Thursday and Friday for another company trip!

I keep forgetting to take the Singapore pics from my brother, so an update might take a while.

The amount of time that has passed since I last wore kimono has now gone on to two months. I feel restless and irritated, but at least I'm satisfying my kitsuke-lust by looking at lots of books and magazines and coming up with ideas on how to coordinate things.

Okay, now's lunch break and I want to go eat. Bye!