Saturday, 17 May 2008

Italian dinner

I went out with Zhen last night. It was quite a sudden thing, as I'd been studying when she asked if I wanted to go out. I meant to stay home and study, but since I hadn't seen Zhen in a long long time, I thought it'd be okay to go out with her, especially since I didn't go for the picnic with Mel due to bad weather.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant called "The Don" near her place, which is just across the bridge from mine. I honestly don't know why we don't meet up more often. Dinner was really nice. She had this pasta with scallops and salad, while I had this dish of sea bass topped with mussels and clams that were cooked in a white wine sauce. Really delicious and the fish was really soft and fresh! Yum.. I had tiramisu for dessert while Zhen had some chocolate ice cream thing. The manager was a nice guy as well - he kept coming to us to talk ^_^ Funny dude, he was.

After dinner, we went to her place, which was 5 mins walk from the restaurant. We chatted for a while and tried to tie our hair into buns using pens :P Zhen even Youtube-d it, and we tried to follow those videos! Hahaha... But I walked home at 12am. It was a quiet peaceful walk, with the exceptions of the catcalls and jeers I got for wearing a dress in this weather (it was COLD.. but my cardigan helped). I finally reached home at 12.30am... And found that my foot had a blister the size of Canada =____=""

So now my foot is ugly. *sighs* I wonder why I always get blisters so easily...


Petrina said...

You better not be telling Ma or Pa about walking home so late at night.... You'll never hear the end of it!

Priscilla said...

Yeh, I know! The latest I've ever gone home is like 3am, but Yan was with me so that was okay. But alone... Maybe about 1am-ish that I reach my bus stop and walk. Still, I'd better not tell the parents. They'd have a fit if I told them I walked home anytime past 9pm!