Sunday, 24 April 2011

New Layout!


As you may have noticed, I've decided to change my blog layout a little!

I was actually pretty happy with the old layout, but the IG forums has now adopted a new feature that flashes banners of members' blogs, and I was quite interested in joining, so I created a banner!

After looking at it, I figured I ought to change my blog layout to reflect the new banner, so I've started with the most basic part: the background and colour theme. I wasn't quite sure about the red font at first, but I think it turned out rather well.

What do you think of the background image? Computer illiterate as I am, it took ages for me to get the size of the image right, and the girl in the exact place I wanted her to be... XD;;

The next part is to change the header so that it's in the same font my banner is in. I may create a new avatar for my profile as well.... Hmmm I wonder if I can change the font for all the headers.....

Well, I guess the next week will be spent slowly figuring this out XD;

Take care, and hope you like the background and colour scheme! I can't wait to finish my blog layout!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Closet Feature: New Red Sakura Furisode

New Red Furisode, originally uploaded by shira.C.
A while ago, I was trying on a juban to show a friend and I thought it'd also be nice to show her how the juban would look under the furisode, so I tossed on one of the new furisode that I got at Yamatoku's furisode festival last year.

I really love this red one! I've been looking for a red furisode for a long time, but most that I see just aren't too my taste. This one was perfect in every way, from the shade of red to the pattern and the colour scheme and most importantly - the size XD;

I'm not dressed in a full outfit because I have yet to stumble across the perfect obi for this furisode. I saw something that was nearly close to perfect, but the colour scheme of the obi wasn't 100% perfect, so I let it go. I'm still waiting and biding my time, though... XD

(If you're only here for the kimono and not personal updates, you might want to leave here ^^;)

It's been a crazy few weeks at work~ My company was organising a conference and it's finally over!! *phew* My team was working 18 hour days for 2 weeks, including weekends - and before that we were working 14 hour days for a month haha. Some of the others didn't get any sleep at all... (I made sure I got some sleep - I'm a complete grouch if I don't get enough sleep XD;)

..... And now, there is another conference coming up on Tuesday, and yet another one in the US in less than a month's time. Not really looking forward to it! XD;;

This year's schedule is looking pretty busy... but I'm still hopeful for more kimono outings with friends XD; I'm hoping this year will be a more active year with kimono and blogging for me!

I'm just re-starting my Tips & Tricks (T&T) post on kimono fit that I promised in my last T&T post, but it's taking abit of time because I keep deleting and re-drafting it haha. It's turning out to be more annoying that I thought! I'll most likely have to split it into three parts - one for measuring kimono to see if it fits you, one on how to wear kimono that are too small for you and one on how to wear kimono that are too big for you (not that I have much experience in that area!!). Hopefully it'll be out before June at this rate XP;;

Bye, and a solemn Good Friday to you all.

(Omg just realised that I'm posting a red kimono on Good Friday ^^;;; I guess it matches the vestments for today's Mass?)