Saturday, 8 March 2008

Closet Feature: New orange furisode!

Today, I decided to go to the post office to collect my parcels. I went along, thinking I had only 3 parcels to collect. Then the guy at the counter, Tony, said "You do know you have 8 parcels, right?" and I went "WHAT??" O_O

So I got all 8 parcels and brought them home, and opened them to reveal many of my new kimono items!!! *hearts*

Amongst them was this kimono:

Isn't it pretty??? I tell you, the photos actually do no justice to the kimono~~ In real life, it's absolutely gorgeous! The orange parts are actually shibori (tie-dyed) and you can feel the bumps on the cloth. This furisode was worth every bit of the US$30.30 I spent on it, especially since it came with a matching juban as well!

For the kimono stats, the furisode, which is of course silk, is long enough for me at 64 inches in length, so it'll make a good ohashori! Also, the sleeves are longer than any of my other furisode at 43 inches. When I put it on, the sleeves really do trail down to my ankles rather than mid-calf as my other furisode sleeves do. I'm so excited at the prospect of wearing this!!

The only problem is that I don't actually have any obi to go with this. I do have a pair of zori that will match perfectly, though, as the zori is gold and orange. I'll be searching for a nice obi to go with this!! ^_^

Bye people!

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