Monday, 8 June 2009

*sighs* :'(

*sighs* I feel depressed :( And lonely.

Mel went home to Singapore for the summer today. I saw her off at the airport. Normally, this wouldn't be a very big thing - except it's the last time we're going to see each other again while I still live in London.

Ours being a very close friendship cultivated over 4 and a half years, where we are always close by for a chat or a scream out the window (no, don't ask), it's going to be a shock to the both of us. We'll keep wanting to ask each other out to dinner or lunch or some sort of outing, and then realise we're far apart now :/ *sighs* That's so depressing.

I do know I have other friends, especially once I move home, but like Liss, my friendship with Mel is kind of different. More special. The term "best friend" really comes into play here.

It's going to be hard being unable to call her for a random chat, or to go out for dinner just because. We won't spend hours sitting in a restaurant, chatting till we get kicked out. We won't spend hours in my flat, having heart-to-hearts, watching House, or just plain chatting till we realise the sun's rising. We won't spend hours laughing over my (many) silly moments.

I'll miss her :(

....... And damn, that sounds like either an eulogy, or a lesbian break up :P

But what's worse is that I'll be leaving London for good soon. Apart from Mel, I'll really miss everything here, like my freedom, my nice big lots of me-time... and my kimono friends. Especially Hong!! ;o;

What am I going to dooooooo when I go home??? No more Hong to call over to come by and gossip... No one to squeal over parcels with... No one to scour through YJA for that one gorgeous kimono set you saw the other day with... No one to sit down and spend hours coordinating kimono outfits with..........

;o; A part of me really really REALLY doesn't want to go home! But then, you know.... It's home. How can I not want to be there? Still, when I was on the train home today, I wondered if I would miss London as much as I miss home. After all, like Hong said, at this point in time, I've spent a whole quarter of my life here. England feels like a part of me now.

So maybe I will miss London badly. And maybe I'll look forward to trips here as much as my sister does :D


Walter said...

It's hard to change once you've settled in. Just when you're getting comfy, you have to leave.
Treasure the memories of the times you had together ;)
Nothing can take away those.
Give my best regards to Mel the next time you hear of her, OK ?

Priscilla said...

Yes, that is so true. *sighs* I will miss my time here very much... Still, I will try to be positive and look back with fondness! XD And sure, I will :)

Topher said...

*sighs* i know how you feel.

<3 bristol and my freedom. not to mention the quiet, countryside that bristol has...

Priscilla said...

Chrissy!!! Long time no talk :D How've you been??