Friday, 12 June 2009

Outfit Snap: Mofuku Remake Set Kitsuke

Okay, it's a little later than I had expected to post it, but it's here! :D

Mofuku Remake set 1

I bought this mofuku remake set for many reasons: I wanted a mofuku remake to see how others did it, I wanted an "Alice in Wonderland" themed obi, I wanted a keyboard obi (it's the other side of this homemade tsuke obi), etc etc. There was a really cute han-eri that came with this set, but at that time, I wasn't very good at sewing on han-eri quickly, so I didn't do it.

Look at how wonderfully wide the obi is! The otaiko looks huge and makes me look and feel smaller :D
Mofuku Remake set 3

Then, because the set was so plain, I decided to use it as a nice template to try on some of my then-new haori and michiyuki which had arrived unexpectedly as a part of a cheap lot of kimono stuff I'd bought.

Here's a lovely blue-gray one. If I'm not mistaken, I'm selling it in my shop now.
Mofuku Remake set + Blue-Gray Haori

My very first michiyuki!!! This is the michiyuki that made me fall in love with the look of michiyuki :D It's also the one where I found a pocket in the folds, and realised that all my michiyuki had pockets. It's such a gorgeous shade of pink and the material is luscious!
Mofuku Remake set + Pink Michiyuki

You don't see it here, but this michiyuki is actually all-shibori. The base of the cloth is mustard yellow, as you can see, with the normal white shibori ring. However, in the center of the ring, there is a dot of this lovely shade of eggplant purple. It's so pretty I couldn't help but keep the michiyuki! :D
Mofuku Remake set + Yellow Shibori Michiyuki

The set with a lovely purple haori. It's probably my favourite haori out of the lot, but the material is very fragile at the back, so I daren't wear it out :/ Still, it looks so good in photos, doesn't it? :D
Mofuku Remake set + Purple Haori

There you have it, my one-day-in-January's kitsuke! :D

On a smaller note, I finally had a flat-viewing today, but it was for someone else who had responded to my ad today (not the one I've been talking about). Sadly, the person only wanted a short lease, and it was too much trouble for such a short period of time, so I still don't have someone to take over :/ I also had another person respond to the ad, but they were also asking for a 2 month lease. I'm still waiting for that first person to finally come over for the flat-viewing.

That said, my packing is going well! I managed to pack 6 more boxes today. I honestly would've been able to do more, but I started chatting with an old friend online and kinda lost track of time :P I also got distracted by this TV program about viruses and bioterrorism. OH and Yan's boxes finally went away today! She left behind her mattress and her clothes rack... I'm considering taking home the clothes rack. It'd be nice to have one in my room :D

*coughs* Anywaaaaay... I've packed just about all my clothes, including all my kimono (except for yukata and what I'm wearing this Saturday). I've set aside the few clothes I'm bringing home on the plane with me, but I haven't actually tried putting them in my suitcase yet, so I don't know if it'll all fit. I've also sorted out the stuff I'm going to sell or give to Oxfam.

I did pack my shoes today - I'm absolutely horrified! I know I had alot of shoes, looking at that shoe rack of mine, but honestly! One whole boxful??? :/ Add that to the shoes I already have at home..... What a nightmare!

I still have yet to pack my brother's clothes and all the small stuff. I think I'll do it tomorrow and on Sunday once I'm done buying my shampoo and my mum's lipstick. On Monday night and Tuesday, I'll just pack the kitchen stuff that's left and the stuff I haven't sold. I'll also go through all drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and my own room to make sure nothing's left behind.. And maybe I'll be able to get the movers to take all my boxes on Wednesday instead of Thursday! :D

Speaking of movers, I still don't know if I ought to take insurance :/ I don't think I will, though, because it'll cost 5% of whatever I value my stuff at, and it's gonna be expensive. I'm also thinking of paying using my debit card, simply because paying by any non-UK card would incur a 3% processing fee. Yes yes, I'm a scrooge when it comes to certain things!

Blegh I'm tired. I've been moving around heavy boxes the whole day. I'm gonna go to bed now. G'night! :D


Walter said...
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Walter said...
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Walter said...

You're really getting ready to leave, hm.
"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" (Leaving on a jet plane - John Denver).
Very nice mofuku remake :)
The michiyukis look great. Pockets : sounds handy.
Is the left sleeve on the purple haori coming undone ?
I had to google "shibori" of course
XD and I found this beautiful
antique haori which is a nice example of the dyeing technique.
A bit pricey , and of course I haven't a clue whether it would fit me ? One of these days I'll have to start converting my size to "kimono measurements" ^_^
Is that haori for a man or a woman ?
I also found really nice examples of indigo shibori here
Every time I read your blogs , I find out nice stuff :)

You collected so many shoes ? Are you a fox ?

Till next time ;)

Walter said...

Hehe, I had to try 3 times to get the links in the comment right, using the HTML tag with a and href.

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter!

Yes, I'm getting ready to leave. I really ought to take pictures of the boxes! You'd be horrified to see how much stuff I've accumulated over the past 5 years XD

Thank you :) Oh no, the left sleeve isn't coming undone. The bit that you see is just the opening at the sleeves :)

Oh wow O_O That haori is beautiful!! I understand the price - shibori can be quite expensive, and Taisho era kimono items are quite rarely found in such a good condition, so I would expect it to be so expensive.

And the haori is for women :) Hehe. Men's haori are usually very plain and dull on the outside, but have incredibly beautiful lining on the inside!

And I'm glad you find out nice stuff :) I'm just sorry you have to go search for it. Maybe I should start posting more informative posts about kimono terms XD

Haha, and I'll admit, I'm abit of a shoe-aholic. ;)