Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shop Open!

I have officially opened my blogshop! You can access it through THIS LINK.

It is very simple, and maybe a little fussy, but I'm only a not-so-tech-savvy Uni student, so please forgive its clumsiness ;)

Please read the important details of the shop before purchasing :) They are available HERE and on the sidebar of the shop.

Three things I have mentioned in my opening post that I will repeat here:

1) I have yet to find the time to post every single item on the shop. Therefore, if you wish to see more items for sale, please visit my Flickr page HERE. I'm sorry, but items that state "on hold" or "sold" are no longer available.

2) As I am moving to Malaysia soon, and have to pack up all my things including shop stock, I will not be taking any orders past 15th June 2009.

3) Should you wish for more detailed pictures of any item, I will take requests until 12th June 2009.

Once again, the shop is accessible through THIS LINK.

Thanks for visiting! :D

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