Wednesday, 10 June 2009


My boxes arrived yesterday, so today I began packing!

I didn't actually start packing all of my stuff right away - I first had to arrange for Yan to pick up her boxes, then seal up the boxes I opened, and get them all out from under the stairs so it's easier for the movers to take them.

I'm glad she's finally taking all those boxes away!!! They've been here for nearly 2 years when she promised they'd only be here for a month or so. I've tried contacting her again and again to take her boxes away, but she never responded. She finally did to my threat of throwing them all out if they weren't gone by this Friday. Apparently, a time limit was what she needed.

Anyway! I started packing up my books. Unfortunately, I don't have an electronic weighing scale with me, so I don't know how heavy they are. (I have a 30kg per box weight limit) That's why I haven't sealed them off yet. Tomorrow, I'm going out to do a bunch of chores, and I'll be buying a cheap one along the way.

Hopefully, I'll be able to resume fully packing tomorrow! I also hope I've ordered enough boxes. I ordered 10 book boxes and 20 tea chests (bigger boxes), and they should be enough..... Right? I've already filled 3 book boxes with books, magazines and DVDs, but I still have 3 more large shelves packed with books and papers. I don't even want to imagine packing all my clothes!!

Oh, speaking of books, I'm wondering what to do with my textbooks. I'm thinking of keeping a couple of the economics ones, maybe a few with computing.... But what about my college textbooks? I'm not sure why I kept my old Maths textbooks, but here they are... So? Recycle them? Sell them? Give them away? Keep them? :/

Also, I don't know how I'm going to evaluate the contents of each box for insurance! Should I even get insurance? :/ It's going to be quite expensive....

On a really random note, my friend from uni Carol is finally coming over to bake a cake on Monday! After she saw Jenny's cake (she was the one who stored the cake overnight for the surprise), she really wanted to make one herself. I can't wait!! :D I'll probably have to go to ASDA early that morning to buy some ingredients and a cake board again, but it's going to be fun! She also wanted to see me in kimono, so I suggested that we have a kimono wearing session while waiting for the cake to cool :D She seems quite excited at the prospect of wearing kimono!

At the rate I'm packing, I'll probably be done packing nearly everything by Sunday, leaving Monday free for baking. My plan is to pack up the baking stuff and anything left hanging around on Tuesday, have the movers come to collect the boxes on Wednesday, and send a pile of clothes to Oxfam on Thursday, before my brother comes to London on Friday. :D I hope I'll be able to stick to my schedule!

Okay, I've got to go shower now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow to do lots of stuff! :D Buhbye!

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