Thursday, 11 June 2009

Packing, Day 2

So today, I went to school again, probably for the last time: I had to return some library books, and print out plane tickets and theatre tickets (we're going to watch Sister Act the Musical!!) for my brother and I.

Since Argos was just down the road from the branch I went to, I stopped by to have a look at their weighing scales. My sister told me not to buy one and use James's instead, but I ended up buying a really cheap one anyway - I figured it'd be a heck load more convenient for me, and it really was! I'll be keeping those weighing scales.

Anyway! Being able to weigh my boxes properly, I finally managed to get down to sealing those boxes I packed yesterday and packing even more. Thankfully, those boxes I packed yesterday came up to only 27kg at most, and that was the one with the most magazines in them, so I didn't have to repack anything.

I managed to finish sorting through and packing all books and papers but my textbooks - there is still a whole bookshelf full of them. I'm thinking that if I don't manage to use the 20 boxes I first estimated needing, I'll just put them in a box and have them shipped home anyway. I also got started on packing my soft toys and clothes. I've packed half my soft toys, but am still deciding on which soft toy to bring on the plane with me. Blizzard (my white tiger) is my usual, but Mokona is sooooo huggable....

I've also cleared out the juban I won't be needing, some kimono accessories, and alot of my season-neutral, and currently-in-season kimono and obi. I've left behind the ro kimono and the yukata: those, I will sort out and pack at a later date, after I've had my kimono outing on Saturday, and kimono-dressing session with Carol on Monday. I've cleared out my "bottoms" and "pyjamas" sections too. Sad thing is, I've already filled two large boxes with clothes, and my closet doesn't look much emptier!

Tomorrow, I'll be packing bags and not-in-season kimono, including those in tatoushi. I'll also have to pack the luggage I'm bringing home, so that I can see what needs to be packed into the boxes.

Ooooh, good news! Yan got a mover to come over tomorrow, so her stuff will all finally be gone! Yaaay! Also, the person who is interested in renting my room will be coming for a flat-viewing tomorrow or on Friday. She was meant to come today, but she had a bit of an emergency at work, so she called me to tell me she wasn't coming. She said she'll give me a call on whether or not she's coming tomorrow or on Friday, and that means that I have to stay in on both days, but frankly, I don't care. I'll still be staying home on both days anyway to pack!

Okay, I've talked enough now. I've been feeling guilty about just rambling on and on for these last few posts, so here's a little picture!
Mofuku Remake set 1

It's the mofuku remake set I bought a year ago :D I'd worn this in January, but for some reason had never blogged about it. This picture is a sneak preview into the next post, so you guys will get more kimono pictures and stories soon enough! :D

Ta, people! ;)

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johnaloypeepee said...

Hi Shira, I am glad you arrived home safely and hope you have had a good rest. Also hope your shiffle has cleared up. By the way, can you clarify if your full name is Priscilla? Enjoyed reading your daily comments and look forward to the photos when your friends came over to bake. Did you or anyone else wear any aprons? By the way, you mentioned you were going to wear your kappogi apron and instead wore the frilly bibbed cosplay apron I like. Would love to see more pictures of both of them when you get some time and also keep that wonderful smile. O.K. ? Thanks Joanapron.