Saturday, 27 June 2009

^_^ (Can't think of a title :P)

So it's been three days since I've been home. Quarantine is boring, but we haven't really been following it :P Yesterday, my parents brought us out to eat steamboat (I think it's called "hotpot" in Western countries?) which was really delicious :D

This afternoon, we went to Mid Valley and Gardens (two interconnected malls) for lunch at Madam Kwan's (mmmm nasi bojari! Pictures and description to follow once I eat at that place again :P) and to head to the hair salon. I got a scalp treatment, and I only wanted to shape my hair and cut maybe an inch off, but the ends of my hair were apparently in such bad shape that Florence (our family's regular hairstylist) ended up chopping 3 inches off. My hair now feels awfully short and odd, but it looks far healthier now, so I don't mind it at all! :D

For dinner, we went to Ri Yakitori, which my sister has been raving about lately. It's really delicious!! Click here to see my sister's review of the place a few weeks ago. It's a little pricey, but really worth it! The sake dispenser was sooooo cooooool~ XD

Tonight, my sister and I also baked sweet buns and blueberry muffins. Yummm it's been ages since I had such good sweet buns!

I've been digging up some kimono and yukata magazines I completely forgot I had. I'll have to remember to write up reviews of some of them! I'm getting loads of coordination ideas from them XD Hopefully, I'll be able to put together something nice and new, and wear the outfit this Sunday! (Just for the heck of wearing it :P)

I'm also going through a number of bags in my room that look like they'd go with kimono. I'm taking pictures of some of them. When I'm done taking those pics, I'll share them with you guys :D

Okay, I'm gonna go now. My brother bought Sims 3 today, and he's been playing it all day! It looks like an amazing amount of fun. I still haven't installed it yet, but I can't wait to play it! XD Toodles!

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