Thursday, 25 June 2009


I am HOME! Yaaaaaay :D

Internet is sucky, but the food is so great! Yesterday, we went to a "new" place (new as in my brother and I have never eaten there before) because the crab shop was closed. I really really loved it! We had fried fish, butter-fried squid (mmm crispy!), some herbal chicken soup, another traditional soup that's my dad's (and my) favourite, fresh french beans and bittergourd with salted egg.

I'm not the biggest fan of bittergourd, but OMG it was sooooo delicious! It was deepfried and very crispy, and not bitter at all. Best part about it is that one big plateful of it only cost RM12 - that's like, what? £2? :D

The whole meal itself was RM122 for 7 people - £20 for 7 people = about £3 per person :D I love home.

Actually, we weren't supposed to go out for dinner. The Health Minister recommended that those who have just returned from overseas should impose a quarantine on themselves for 7 days. So yeah. My brother and I were supposed to go to Sage (one of my favourite restaurants) for lunch, but my mum cancelled our reservations because of the quarantine.

I've spent most of the day sleeping, mainly cos I couldn't sleep on the flight - I had such a runny nose that I spent half the flight with bits of tissue stuck up my nose. The flight attendant had problems not-laughing the first time she saw me :P But at least I feel better after sleeping!

Coz of the quaratine, I'm spending my time sorting out all the junk I brought back in my luggage, and clearing out just about everything in my room. All my mum's stuff is going to have to be shovelled out of my cupboards and drawers to make room for my stuff that's being shipped over. But at least unpacking is far less tiresome than packing is! :D

Okay, I'm gonna go spend time with my dad now. Do remind me to post about (1) the hello/farewell kimono lunch, (2) the day my friends came over to bake, (3) Sister Act the Musical, and (4) my last day in London (and how hectic it was). Bye!


Walter said...

Hello, Priscilla. I haven't been online for ages. Soo Busy :(
,the pictures from the MCM are still sitting on the camera!
Do we need to remind you about all numbers (1) to (4) ? or can we choose ^_^ ?
I'd love to see the (1) please.

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter! I was wondering where you were XD Wow, you certainly do sound busy if you haven't had time to upload those pictures yet! ^^;

And thanks so much for reminding me - I'd nearly forgotten about updating my blog :P I'll be posting about no. 1 tonight then! :D