Thursday, 18 June 2009


Finally, all my boxes have been packed, and everything's been moved out. As a matter of fact, the boxes were just sent out less than an hour ago.

Of course, I just had to have the bad luck of having my pick-up time set at 9am. So I didn't sleep last night to make sure everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING, is packed and all my documents are filled out and everything. Yeah, I know it makes no sense to not sleep, but to be honest, I had to have my boxes all out at the pick-up point by the time the driver got here, and I just knew that if I slept, I wouldn't wake up on time. Prolly wouldn't even have realised the driver was calling :(

Either way, congratulate me. I carried 450kg worth of boxes all by myself after 30 hours without sleep, and running on one bowl of rice and half a head of broccoli for the past 36 hours. Healthy life, I know you not. Of course, my arms are all shaky and everything now :P

On a side note, I'm mildly horrified to realise that after having sorted out the things I really cannot live without at home, I am still left with a pile of clothing on my floor, three pairs of shoes and a large handbag that I just know won't fit into my big suitcase. *sighs* I guess this is why I deliberately kept my handcarry completely empty except for some files.

I also forgot to pack my dragon statue and the dragon mirror that Mel and Michelle gave me for my birthday last year :( I suppose I'll have to leave it here, and have Mel pick it up for me or something - maybe she can keep it till I come to London for my graduation. At least I got most of the really important stuff, like my altar stuff and my cute plates and bowls!

*grumbles* Now all's left to do is for them to check my documentation and send me an invoice. I think I'll pay using my debit card.... After all, they say that only UK debit/credit cards won't incur a 3% processing fee.

Okay, I'm all sweaty and icky from having had an eventful morning. I'm going to go shower now. I'll have to remember to post about my kimono outing/farewell last Saturday, and some baking and yukata fun I had on Monday when a couple of friends from uni came over. :D Bye!

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