Friday, 5 June 2009

Strawberry Buttermilk Cake - 2nd Attempt

I really really wanted Hong to try that strawberry buttermilk cake I baked last time, so when we decided to have a takoyaki party today, I was all set to bake the cake, so that she could have a taste of a nice, fresh cake.

Sadly, she wasn't able to come over as she was feeling unwell :( I'd been getting all excited over having this cake again, that I was absolutely craving for it. So... I baked another one :P Yes, my self-control completely disappears when it comes to food and cooking.

This time, the cake turned out better than the last! In that last cake, the fruit was a little soggy, and the sugar topping got absorbed into the batter. This time, I made it a point to wipe the berries dry after chopping them. It worked so well! The strawberries are still juicy, but no longer soggy, and the sugar topping made it really crunchy :D Meanwhile, the texture of the cake itself is still moist, albeit a little crumbly. Success!!

Lessons learned:
- Measure ingredients properly. You don't want to make the same mistake I did the first time I made this cake!
- Smooth the surface of the cake batter well and evenly with the back of your spoon once it's in the pan. It'll make it prettier.
- Dry your berries with kitchen towels before sprinkling the sugar on.
- Put your cake IMMEDIATELY in the oven once you've sprinkled the sugar. Don't let it sit around and wait for even 5 minutes.

I'm sorry I didn't take a picture, but I was too busy digging in :P James and I have taken a piece each for dessert, and 1/4 of it is gone now XD That sure was quick!

If you want the recipe, click HERE. It's the first recipe in that entry. Let me just emphasize how easy it is to make it - just one hour from starting to measure the ingredients to taking the cake out of the oven. Only 1 and 1/4 hours from starting to measure the ingredients to slicing the cake and digging in. If you have a few people with you, it'll probably be 1 1/2 hours from beginning to completely demolishing the cake :P

One thing I've noticed is that it tastes best on the day it's made. Maybe I'll make it for a party at home someday :D

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