Friday, 5 June 2009

Outfit Snap: Pink & Teal Summer Wool Ensemble

After baking that strawberry cake, I was feeling bored but energetic. I felt I was overdue on a kitsuke session, so that's exactly what I did!

Many months ago, I'd bought this wool kimono from RyuJapan that was rather sheer. I immediately dubbed it my "raspberries and watermelon summer kimono" because the colour scheme really reminded me of raspberries and watermelons! The kimono itself is pale pink, and has a pattern of dark pink lattice, and mint green circles.

Yesterday, I was spending some quality time with my summer kimono, trying to coordinate outfits, when I saw that my teal hakata mesh obi matched that kimono so well. I managed to pair them with some dark pink ro accessories that created an ensemble I thought was nice, albeit very slightly too matchy. I wore that outfit today! I also wore a ro juban and lace tabi to complete that summery look :)

Pink and Teal Summer Wool Ensemble

I had a few problems with my obi today >_<"" I completely misjudged the length!

Pink and Teal Summer Wool Ensemble

A close-up of the kimono, so you can see that there are patterns on the kimono that are a sort of greenish colour.
Pink and Teal Summer Wool Ensemble

Oh, you know that little pink bag I'm using? It brings back many memories! =^_^=

I got it as a free gift when I went on a school trip to Japan. My friends and I had bought alot of things from a shop, and we managed to weasel some free gifts out of the salesperson :P Mine was this cute pink bag. I used to use it as a purse everyday in high school. I brought it with me everywhere I went! That's why it's kinda dirty now :P

So! How do you like this outfit? ^_^


ihsara said...

i remember that purse!!! :D

natsukashiiii... i wish we were back in high school again!

Priscilla said...

Hehehe yeah it does, doesn't it? :D So many nice memories~