Thursday, 4 June 2009


I know I'm kind of spamming with the posts today, but just bear with me for the moment. I'm feeling a little lonely today :P

So now that my exams are over, I'm supposed to be free, right? Not really. I still have loads of things to do! First of all, I have to start arranging for someone to take over my room here. Then I have to get Yan to come and pick up her stuff. I'll also have to arrange to ship my own stuff back to Malaysia. Not to mention, I'm going to have to pack alot of things as well....

I'm glad I've already sorted out all my kimono. All I have left is to sort out my Western clothes. I foresee many trips to Oxfam.... Especially since I'll have to give alot of winter coats and clothes away! Especially all those cheap, casual ones. Maybe I should try selling them instead? *shrugs*

I'm already arranging for a friend to take over my antique tea set (which was so cheap, yet so amazing), and Mel may buy my piano. She's definitely taking over all my bedsheets. I'll miss my M&S ones, but honestly, there's no point bringing it home! From the kitchen, I'm only taking certain things, like cookie cutters and my two favourite cake tins. I'm also bringing home all the plates, bowls, cups, etc that are really cute and unfindable in Malaysia and/or have some meaning to me.

Omg, packing my kimono is sooooo not going to be fun. I'll miss them ;_; I'll probably have to pack my luggage at the same time, so I know exactly what I'm going to bring home straightaway. I'll definitely have my Bon Odori outfit with me, as well as my sister's. I'll probably bring home half my kimono undies sets, and some accessories, but the bulk of it will join the boxes. I can probably survive with going home with only a few clothes, undies and my laptop, seeing that's how I usually operate during holidays :P

I've already decided on the shipping company I want. The others I looked at weren't so easily navigated (i.e. less user-friendly) and this one gives you a direct quote straightaway. Geez, I hope it doesn't really cost me £700 for door-to-door shipping....

Okay, I gotta go sleep now. I've planned out a full day of housework for tomorrow! Today, I took pictures of all the kimono I'm selling. Admittedly, not great pictures, and not detailed pictures, but still pictures :D


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