Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One Day More~

(For those of you who've never watched LesMis, the title of this post is the name of one of the songs in Les Miserables the Musical :D)

Well! In just over 6 hours, I'll be stepping out of this flat for good.

In just over 10 hours, I will be sitting on a plane, getting ready to take off and head home.

In around 24 hours, I expect I will be already at home, screaming with my sister, getting ready to go out to eat chilli crabs (mmmmmm) and sweating in the heat.

I can't wait! :D


ihsara said...

awh i am so envious!

eat nasi lemak for me when you get back x3

Priscilla said...

Nyuu sayang!!! :3 I will, I will!!! Loads and loads aahahahhaa XD I can't wait to eat at Madam Kwan's!