Saturday, 20 June 2009

Nyuu :3

Patrick came down to London yesterday. I got into trouble with my mum because I was talking to my sister on the phone, and my brother couldn't contact me when he was in Paddington Station, where I was supposed to pick him up XP In the end, he just took a cab straight to my place. I feel so guilty D:

On the other hand, I took him to Borough Market this morning and we pigged out. I am SO stuffed right now that if you poked me in the right place, I'd explode. It was all worth it of course! :P

We had our usuals, but scaled down a little - apple and strawberry juice, scallops, one single chorizo sandwich (shared), and our new regular: Thai green curry with chicken and seafood on jasmine rice from the fishmonger's stall. Yummmmmm.

The wine shop next to Utobeer was selling this amazing drink of lemonade, French Rose wine, and some other exotic wine (that's what they said on the signboard) that tasted very refreshing and a little like Sangria, but far less fruity. It was £3 for one small bottle of the drink, but I think it's sooo worth it! I wish they started selling it earlier - and that we bought another bottle of it :P

After having a taste of this incredible grilled cheese sandwich the last time I was there with Mel (Ling, this is the same place where we have those raclettes - the potato with melted cheese thing), I just HAD to let Patrick try some. He loved it so much! We shared one. He finished his half and moaned that he was so full. I still had half of my piece left and said I wasn't going to eat it. He finished it for me :P Testimony on just how much he liked it! :D

We also tried something new today - Portuguese egg tarts!! I got one from the place I usually get my eclairs from. I was standing around, staring at the egg tarts for ages before we finally bought one. One measly egg tart cost a bomb at £1.80 each, but OH MY GOD it was so good! We used to eat them when we were kids, but they were never as good as these ones were!! Rather than overly flaky or overly powdery tart casings (both of which I HATE with a passion!) that are so common in Chinese egg tarts, this one had a nice slightly flaky, and very crunchy casing. The filling itself is very sweet (big plus for me) and so creamy and soft. One of the best egg tarts I've ever had! If it were less expensive and a little less sweet, it would be absolutely perfect :D

I'm sorry but we didn't take any pictures - we were too busy chomping away :P Later tonight, we're going to see Sister Act the Musical. I've heard both good and bad reviews about it. I can't wait! :D

Okay, we're leaving soon to stop by the Apple store before heading to the theatre. If we leave even earlier, maybe we could stop by Minamoto Kitchoan and have a couple of jellies in the theatre :D Yay!

I'll update later or tomorrow about the play. Bye!


fujikogatto said...

Hello ! First time to write you. I am a Japanese woman who just arrived in London to stay long. My passion is also kimono and many Japanese cultures around kimono. Now my kimono boxes arrived after 1.5months of shipping... (hope not wet !) I wish we could have met before, you already packed your kimono and I am unpacking my kimono...I would try going out with kimono in London !!! Anyway I really wish you good luck for your new life ! Gambatte ne !

Priscilla said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! ^_^

Oh it really is sad that you are arriving just as I am leaving :( It would have been nice to meet you in kimono :)

Yes, please do go out in kimono in London! ^_^ It is fun! Hahaha. And take many pictures ;)

Thank you, and I wish you luck in living in London too :) I have many good memories of London!

Thank you,