Friday, 31 July 2009

A Couple of Shocks

I'm supposed to be updating about my trip to Singapore, but I still haven't gotten pics from my brother and I reaaaaallly needed to blog about this, so here's a short rambly post. Sorry! XP

A couple of shocks I've gotten in the past week:

1) First off, the good news. I got my uni transcript yesterday, and I got a 2.1! Yaaaay! My mum says I now have to buy everyone dinner, especially since I got my first salary cheque too. Ehehe.

2) I went for a blood test on Monday. My dad collected the results on Wednesday because I wasn't around (I was on a work trip up to Genting Highlands. I took some really nice photos. I'm definitely blogging about it after the Singapore trip!) and sms-ed the results to me. Nahh, don't worry, everything is normal. (But the doc scolded me for being too fat and having high cholesterol, lol)

But then I got home - and saw that there was a blood type card attached to the report. I hadn't noticed it till my mum pointed it out, but apparently I'm a blood type A! So this blood type is quite common, and seeing as my mum is this blood type, it's logical that one of her children would share the same blood type. Not shocking at all.

What was shocking was that I had actually thought I was blood type O. I could've sworn I read about it in one of my previous medical reports, but I searched through them and none of them explicitly say that I am blood type O.

So yeah, I'm an A.

I blame my weight gain on that. My family sort of does, sort of doesn't follow the eat-right-for-your-blood-type thing. When I thought I was a blood type O, I sort of followed the diet, eating more meat than carbs. This is the complete opposite of what type As should do - they're better built for carbs, and meat is very bad for them (apparently) :P

Since I really need to lose weight, I thought I'd try out the type A diet and cut out red meats from my diet. I'll wait a month to see how well it works! XD

On a smaller note, I haven't worn kimono or watched Lord of the Rings in a month and a half. I feel weeeeeeeird. Maybe I'll go cuddle up with my Lord of the Rings book tonight, and put together a kimono outfit tomorrow, or something XP


ihsara said...

lol the blod type diet.... my mom tried forcing that on us but tough luck for her i still dont know my blood type haha!

and being the nutrition skeptic that i am i scoffed at the idea of it :P

just be careful about cutting all your red meats out and take iron alternatives like lotsa dark green leafy veggies! and vit c with them too!

Walter said...
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Walter said...

I agree with Ihsara on that.
The blood type diet is based on a load of pseudo science. In short , it's rubbish.
The only one getting better of it , is D'Adamo himself, who's sold all those diet books.
17 weeks ago I weighed 90 kilos and I changed the following : I balanced my diet by eating more fruit and vegetables and by jogging for half an hour twice a week. Now I jog for 40 minutes 3 times a week , I'm a lot fitter and I'm at 82 kilos (I'm aiming for 75). I still eat lean meat, changing to a meatless diet if you've eaten meat all your life is not a good idea. Ofcourse I also eat plenty of fish as a protein source.
The good news is, you can lose weight in a healthy way without the blood type diet or other fad (quack) diets. The (bad) other good news is you'll have to make an effort. Just eating right is not enough.
But at the end of the ride you'll be fitter, like me and you'll never look back.

ihsara said...


long time no update!! (haha pot calling the kettle black :P)

i'm watching this series called Osen (check on Mysoju) the main characterb wears kimono all the time (sometimes in really cutesy/modern/odd combinations) and it features super yummy jpanese fine cuisine!!

do check it out! i have a feeling you might like it ;)

Priscilla said...

Lissy> Lol, really? My mum tried getting us interested in it, but we never really were till I found out I was the "wrong" blood type :P Actually, we kind of have fun with the blood type diet - we look for things we aren't supposed to eat, then eat them XP

Thanks for the advice on iron alternatives! I actually don't eat much red meat already anyway, except for the occasional wagyu, but it's good to know about alternatives :D

Ooooh yes, I'd heard about Osen months ago! But then it was near my dissertation due date, and after that I had exams, then I was busy packing so I didn't have any time to watch it (after Criminal Minds and House :P). I really really want to watch it!! Maybe I should go look for the DVD out there somewhere XD

I'm feeling lonely here without you D: I miss you! *kiss*

Priscilla said...

Walter> Thanks :) Haha yeah I know about how it's all rubbish - which is why I'm not actually seriously following the diet. I do notice that I prefer to eat red meats less than my siblings and dad do, but then I eat what I crave (not doing that is Bad. Very very Bad.). I've been changing my diet the same way you have - I try to eat less meat and rice to fill up and eat more fruits and veggies. I've also (finally) started exercising again at home a month ago, and I must say I do feel better and less sluggish than two months ago! All I do is very simple atm - 30mins of vigorous hooping, and 30mins of brisk walking. We've just bought a cross-trainer, so I'm looking forward to seeing how well it works! :D

I would never cut meat completely out of my life :P Like you said, it's too ingrained in me already haha. And like I said, if I get a craving for something, it's a very Bad idea to ignore it. (I end up eating 3x more than usual to "compensate" when just a mouthful or two of what I'm craving for would satisfy me for hours) So far any cravings for red meat has been completely nullified by a bite of my sister's steak here, or a bit of my brother's hamburger there.

Oh! And I've never believed in those fad diets :P I've seen what it really does to you, and it's not pretty. Actually... *thinks* I've never really believed in dieting at all haha XP And working for losing weight is a good thing! It makes me feel like I've accomplished something under my own power, rather than losing weight because I didn't eat right or was sick.

I'm keeping a chart of my progress - I'll let you know how well this has worked for me in two months! Hehehe XD

Walter said...

BTW , my blood type is A+ ;)