Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Oh wow, it's really been a long time since I last updated!

Short notes:
1) I went to Genting for a work trip.
2) I didn't go to Genting to meet up with Mel, but she didn't go to Genting either anyway :(
3) It's been busy as heck, and we've been eating out alot. And I mean aLOT.
4) I bought a mannequin, but I haven't cleaned it yet so it's still standing, unused, in my room.
5) I'm never staying at Carcosa. Never.
6) A Concord friend has started interning with my mum too.
7) I'm going to Johor on Thursday and Friday for another company trip!

I keep forgetting to take the Singapore pics from my brother, so an update might take a while.

The amount of time that has passed since I last wore kimono has now gone on to two months. I feel restless and irritated, but at least I'm satisfying my kitsuke-lust by looking at lots of books and magazines and coming up with ideas on how to coordinate things.

Okay, now's lunch break and I want to go eat. Bye!


Walter said...

1) Genting - city of entertainment , says the website. Aha ? You went there on a work trip ? Yeah, right.
2) Ah ,how is Mel ? Long time no see.
3) Why am I not surprised ? You're suffering from kimono-withdrawal symptoms and compensating by eating.
4) A mannequin ! Male or female ?
5) why not ? I mean, 24 hour butler service !
6) hmmm. I find the 'too' at the end of the sentence intriguing.
7) Well ,according to Wiki "Some of the dishes in Johor are a unique blend of ingredients not found anywhere else in Malaysia"
Do blog us after you've eaten Penganan Kacau keledek,Arisa, Mee rebus , Mee soto,Mee baksa, Mee whatever :-).
Don't blog you've eaten satay , we want to hear about the exotic stuff, not about grilled chicken in peanut sauce ;)
Enjoy yourself , Priscilla.
On the other hand , in Johor , Singapore is just across the dam , no ?

Priscilla said...

1) Lol! Well, we brought clients there to see if it's worth investing in the place. We didn't do anything except get a tour around the theme parks, shopping areas and casino, then we had to go to a broad stretch of empty land where they will be developing their next site. Not that fun, trampling in grass and mud in office clothes D:

2) Mel's fine :D A little stressed, but okay!

3) Lol :P We've also been going out for lots of lunches and dinners with clients.

4) Female! :D I wanted to use her to dress up in kimono, and my sister will use her for modelling her knitted stuff.

5) After hearing my mum's friend's experience there, I really would not suggest going there. At all!

6) I'm interning with my mum atm :) And don't say that "it isn't really work, then!" - with my mum, she makes sure I'm always busy in the office (my colleagues are my cousins, so they're not afraid to boss me around) and if I get something done wrong, I get screamed at in the office and at home, then have my family told so my dad would scold me and my sister would laugh at me. Three times the pressure. Not fun.

7) Haha, I wouldn't blog about eating satay, unless it's unusual and incredibly delicious :P (come to think of it, alot of the mee dishes you mentioned are kind of common too haha. I grew up eating some of them so it doesn't seem "special" enough to blog about I suppose XP) But it was a work trip, and had a jam-packed schedule. All our meals were lunch meetings or dinner meetings, so we don't get to choose what we wanted. The food we did get wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but still very delicious anyway! Hehe. It's too bad my camera had to be saved for work purposes only :( Otherwise, I would've taken pics of some of the amazing things we had there!

Haha, and yes, Singapore really is just across the dam! There was this one site visit we went to, where the company representative told us "you see that hill in the distance there? The one across the river? Yeah? Yeah, that's Singapore. It's 700m away from where we're standing" :P We also were taken on a cruise along the coastline where the company's land is being developed, and we were sooooo close to Singapore! XP

Topher said...


still waiting for you to email me your contact numberrrr