Sunday, 5 July 2009

Warning: LONG Page of Rambling

Okay, so I decided to use today to catch up with all that I'm supposed to update about. Of course, since I'm feeling lazy, I'm going to do part of it in list form, with some ramblings on the side.

Patrick's time in London! We:
1) had Il Bordello one last time on the Friday he came down to London.
2) spent that Saturday pigging out at Borough Market, then watching Sister Act.
3) lazed about all Sunday. Did we go out even a little bit?
4) went to eat at Richoux on Monday, then stopped by Harrod's to get good macaroons and lipstick. It was also the last day I spent with Hong D:
5) spent the whole of Tuesday washing final round of laundry, packing up everything for Mel, packing up everything for home, and just generally cleaning the flat before I had to leave forever :'(
6) were late leaving for the airport, but got there in time to check in, get past security and spend time in the MAS lounge anyway. The guy in front of us took half an hour to check in!! Even worse is that there was only one business class counter, so we had no choice but to wait :/ My brother and I checked in 3 bags, and we were just a few kilos over our weight limit, but the lady didn't say anything. Yaaay!!! :D

The flight:

We originally had nice seats in a private area, where there was only space for 4 passengers when the area was closed off. It was right next to the door and where the staircase to the upper deck was. Of course, it would've been noisy anyway because it was right at where the galley was. Still, it was fun sitting there, watching the cabin crew work.

About half an hour after take-off, an air stewardess came to tell us that there was someone on the plane with swine flu symptoms, so we had to give up our seats to quarantine the person. They switched our seats to the upper deck (my favourite seats!! YAY!) and we got the seats right behind the cockpit, so we still had plenty of legroom :D

(Randomly: The flight didn't feel too long, but didn't feel short either. I didn't get to sleep much (what? 3 hours maybe?) but I spent hour doodling and playing Tetris and Bejewelled. The food was good. The fish Patty had for supper was amazing. I love business class.)

Patty and I didn't discuss the possible swine flu case out loud, because obviously it's common sense not to cause a possible riot on an already airborne flight. And we were damn right to do so - when the flight landed, the crew announced that health officials were coming on board to check the health of a passenger, and immediately everyone on the upper deck started shifting uneasily. They certainly were quick to get off the plane when we were finally given clearance.

Because we were sitting in those seats and were therefore considered to be in "close proximity to the ill passenger", we had to be quarantined off as well. But my brother thinks it was a false alarm because we got let go very quickly. Although I didn't at first, I am now inclined to agree with him. Still, it was an experience! :D

That was most certainly the most interesting flight I'd ever been on. I admit to having been alarmed when we were first told, but after a few minutes, I figured there was no point panicking - we were already airborne, so if I get it, then I get it. Besides, people do recover from it anyway.

Of course, we were placed under self-quarantine for a few days (not the full 7 days as recommended by the Health Minister) but neither of us showed any symptoms, so we went about as usual (eating, mostly :P). I can't believe it - we've only been at home for one and a half weeks, and we've already hit 8 restaurants on our list of 32 places-to-eat-at!! No wonder why I feel fat (aside from the fact that I'm incredibly bloated - it's the week before my period arrives. Sry if that's tmi :P).

OH speaking of feeling fat, I figured that having such a small waist compared to my chest and hips isn't so bad. When I was trying on some skirts from my mum, I couldn't fit some of them around my hips. Then I tried putting them on the other way around - from the top. I managed to squeeze into it, but surprisingly, once they got past my chest, the waistband was actually loose around my waist! XD Talk about flattering myself!

And speaking of the skirts, I've just finished sorting and hanging all of them up on my cupboard and HOLY COW! I knew there were alot of skirts, but after counting them, it feels ridiculous!! Get this: I now have 49 skirts hanging in my closet. O_O I knew there were many, but this many?? These aren't even counting the skirts that aren't being hung up, and the ones that are on their way from London!

.......... Is it bad that the only thing going through my mind now is that I have to get more tops to balance out my closet? :P

*coughs* Anyway! Tomorrow I start work. I'm going to intern in my mum's office again, and the reason I'm starting so soon is that my mum is going on a Penang trip with clients and I can learn alot from just watching everything. So yeah, I start work tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Okay, I think I've rambled on enough already. I'm going to take a nap before my sister comes home from Bali (their flight should be landing any minute now, if it hasn't already). Bye!

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