Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pangkor Laut Resort: Part 3

I am baaaack from Singapore! :D I shopped alot and spent lots of money! *phew*

Actually, I'd typed out this post on Tuesday, and was planning to post it on Wednesday at work, but it was really hectic, trying to finish up a project before I left for Singapore (just barely managed to do my part) so I didn't have time. Oh well! It's here now :D

To continue from my last post:

On Saturday the 18th of July, the day dawned not so brightly and clearly. Still, we got up cheerily and headed for breakfast at Feast Village - which, by the way was really good. After having some very very delicious roti canai and dahl, we split ways - my siblings and Rommel went to the beach, while my parents and I went back to our rooms to rest and read respectively.

For lunch, we headed back to Emerald Bay for a banana leaf rice lunch. While waiting for lunch to be served, my mum and I went to the Batik Hut on the beach and shopped a little. My sister soon came by, and since we wanted to try our hands at batik painting, we took up the lessons that were being offered at RM50 per person.

The guy who runs the batik hut was really nice! First, he showed us examples of what we could paint, then he told us to draw on our canvases with pencils first, so that we could correct any mistakes. We had to leave for lunch soon after finishing our drawings, but he was nice enough to wait for us :)

After our sort of good, sort of weird, definitely overly abundant lunch, we rushed back to the hut to finish our paintings before our spa appointments. The Batik guy guided us through every step, giving us tips and pointers on how to do everything nicely XD

This is my sister trying her hand at batik painting. Here, she is tracing on the hot wax that stops the dye colours from mixing with each other. This is what gives batik its patterns and multi-coloured effect.
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Sadly, we could only do the wax thing one at a time, and since my sister started painting her canvas straightaway after painting on the wax, there was no one to take pics of me doing anything :/

Anyway! Here's my sister's newly finished batik painting! It's a really cute and bright butterfly with flowers in the background XD
Pangkor Laut July 2009

And this is my newly finished painting, which features some funky seaweed and a fish. I was going to do more stuff, and better (for example, there was supposed to be a seabed and sparkly dots in the seaweed), but we really had to rush, so this is all I could do :/ But I'm still quite happy with it! XD
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We just barely managed to finish it on time, and left our canvases there to dry while we went for our spa appointment.

We are waiting for our appointment to begin:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

The entrance to the spa bath area:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We obviously couldn't take our cameras into the spa, so for pictures, I'm afraid you'll just have to content yourself with the fact that yes, it really does look like the photos on the website XD

What we did:
1) First, our feet were cleaned and given a short massage.

2) We were taken into the bathing areas, segregated by gender, and changed into the pareos they provide and put on you.

3) We headed to the wishing well and made a wish before tossing a coin in.

4) We walked through a cold pool with a fountain, which was a Malay thing. Apparently, it was to mimic taking a bath in a river.

5) There was a small area where we smelled the scents of four different types of smoke, like chrysanthemum.

6) Next, we were taken to a little bathhouse, where we showered Japanese-style (sitting on a stool in front of the shower heads).

7) Once we were clean, we were led out the other side of the bathhouse for a dip in their Japanese onsen.

8) Two at a time (we were joined by another lady), we each went through a Shanghai body scrub. Here we finally towelled dry and changed into new pareos that were given to us as gifts.

9) Finally, we had our massages. My mum, brother and sister had Balinese massages, I had a Malay massage (the softest one since I bruise too easily) and Rommel had the Hawaiian massage.

The spa was gooooooood. Very relaxing. I felt like a limp noodle when they were done with me XD I want to go for another spa treatment again!!! Ehehehe.

Okay, I've rambled on and on enough for now. I'll update with the second half of Day 2 sometime soon :D


shigatsuhana said...

The batik paintings are lovely! So did you buy anything nice in Singapore? Do tell!

Priscilla said...

Thanks! :D Haha, I bought lots of really nice stuff in Singapore, but only 3 items at all related to kimono :( I'll post about it when I'm done with Pangkor Laut! :D Ehehehehe~

razi said...

nice info