Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pangkor Laut Resort: Part 4

Okay, this should be the last entry! :D After this, I'll update about my Singapore trip ehehehe.

So! Second half of second day :D

After our spa treatment, we went back to our rooms for a short while to change clothes, then headed out again for our private sunset cruise around the island. On our way to Marina Bay, we bumped into another island pet, the male peacock! :D
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Isn't he preeeeeettyyyyyyy!

*coughs* So yeah. At about 6.15pm, we boarded this junk (yes, that really is what it's called!) for our private cruise.
Pangkor Laut July 2009

There was a nicer-looking boat nearby, but from what we heard and saw, the experience on that boat was nowhere near as nice.

My whole family headed for the "upstairs" part of the boat (I wanted to call it the "upper deck" but I'm not sure if I'm right). There are a couple of beach chairs on it, as well as a cushioned area for sitting around and enjoying the ride. Here's me with my parents in the cushioned area:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

And here's my brother on one of the beach chairs:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We were laughing alot about this photo - we were joking about how he could act like the brat he is (the brats we all are, actually) and say that this is what he did for his summer holiday! "This is me, on our private sunset cruise around the private island we were staying on" :P

If you're wondering about the drink he's holding, a little while into the boat ride, we were served drinks and delicious seafood canapes. Service is good when you're there with Auntie S ;)

Here's a couple of pictures we took of the island! This is Emerald Bay:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

This is the private beach that four of the estates open out to:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We also took pics of the helipad but it didn't seem like much in the picture, so I'm not posting it :D

When the cruise was over, we hurried on to our rooms to get changed for dinner, which was at The Straits. (I had meant to wear yukata to this dinner, but it was so hot I couldn't bear even thinking about it!!)
Pangkor Laut July 2009

There is a dress code you have to follow to be able to enter the restaurant, which essentially forbids beachwear and very casual clothing. It is, of course, one of the more expensive restaurants there, but once again, since it was Auntie S arranging everything, we got the prime seats of the restaurant. It wasn't till later that we found out why - they had closed the restaurant to the other guests so we could dine privately and exclusively!

Here is a picture of how the restaurant looks like with my mum sitting in place (please ignore the bad pic - lighting was horrid till I requested that they turn on the lights :P):
Pangkor Laut July 2009

The seats are actually in private little cubbies (they sit 3 to 4 each, but we made them squeeze 6 of us in) that overlooks Marina Bay, and are built over the beach. When we were sitting there, we could see the shoreline and all the little crabs running around on the sand! It was also very pretty when the tide came in, and the water came closer to us. Very peaceful, very pretty and very full of mosquitoes. Do ask for a mosquito coil from the waiters the moment you get there! :D

Since I was good the past few posts and not put up any pictures of food, I thought I'd torture you for a moment now :P Here's a picture of my favourite course, which is fresh tempura barramundi with a sweet basil sauce. Mmmmmmm~~
Pangkor Laut July 2009

I think that they should've ended the dinner with the dessert then, but there was another course of lamb shank that was really too much to eat! But the dessert was fantastic: pandan (screwpine) layer cake, which is a classic Malaysian cake. My whole family, cousins and all, grew up eating this cake. Of course, this one is very much fancier than the everyday stuff, but as long as the taste is good, I don't care! :D Here's a picture:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

After the dinner, we remembered to collect our dried batiks from reception. Here's my sister and I in our room, happily showing our creations off! :D
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We spent the rest of the night looking for crabs on the beach and playing cards in the library :D It was fun! (Of course, we did eventually return to our rooms to shower and sleep!)

The next day, we had the same breakfast we did on Saturday, before heading back to the mainland and going home.

And then, it was over :/ But it was a very good holiday! :) I can't wait to go again, if I ever get the chance! XD

If any of you, my readers, do go there, please please please let me know so we can gush together! XD

Alright, I'm going to go to bed now. Goodnight!!

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