Saturday, 4 July 2009

Closet Clear-Out

My closet is empty!! :D My mum has taken all of her clothes out of my room and put them into my brother's cupboards. On the other hand, we raided one of her skirt cupboards and found a HUGE pile of skirts that were my size, so I suddenly have alot of nice things to wear :D Yaaaaay.

I've also been shopping for work clothes all week. Today, my mum and I were shopping around in Gardens after visiting our hairdresser's (I needed hair treatments for the ends) and guess what? Raoul has a sale this weekend! It's really worth it - buy one item, get 30% off, two items 35% off and 3 items 40% off. Even better is that if you have a membership card, you get another 15% to 20% off on top of that! :D

I liked a number of things, but only found one top I really liked in my size D: It isn't really that I'm that big-sized. It's just that while my waist is a UK size 10-12, my bust is a size 14 through and through D: It makes it so difficult for me to find good clothes here! I'm glad I did manage to find one really nice white shirt - it's plain white, but the material has cherries woven into it! :D So cute.

Anyway, I'm actually in the middle of clearing out my closet. I've just finished arranging my tops and dresses, going by formality (casual > work > formal) then by type (no buttons > button-up blouses) then colour. It looks so neat now! :D (And also very OCD :P)

There is a ginormous pile of skirts sitting on the floor atm, and I still have to sort them out *sigh*... I don't think I'll be able to finish sorting them out and hanging them all up before I have to get ready to go to my cousin's house (for my uncle's 40-day prayers) but I'll try! First thing to do is to get away from this laptop.... :P

Bye ppl! Sorry about the random rambling post. "m sleeeeeepy D: (Yeah, I'm still jet-lagged D:) I'll update something more worth your time tonight or something. :D


ihsara said...

i actully look forward to random rambling posts lol

i know this is supposed to be mainly about kimono but the random ones keep me up to date abt whats going on in your life (or at least, whats running through your head at that moment haha)

so dont stop posting them!

Priscilla said...

Hehe thanks! :D Actually, it started out as just a blog to keep in touch with my sister when we were separated by 7-8 hours and 11,000km (hers was started for the same reason) but then what I did and what I thought began to coincide with kimono so much that everything just melted into one big great lump XD

Yeah, I'll keep posting them! I feel guilty for readers who come here for the kimono whenever I post them, but if I don't then there's no point to the original purpose of this blog, right? :D

*kiss* Now that I'm home, this blog will be for you and my brother and my friends in the UK XD