Thursday, 2 July 2009

Outfit Snap: Baking Session

We're trying out another broadband service provider. Let's hope it'll be better than all the others! So far, it's quite fast (v good) but it's a little unstable.. Today at around 3pm, it suddenly disconnected, and I haven't been able to access internet since then. I'm stealing internet from a neighbour atm :P

Anyway! I'm now posting about no.2 on my to-post-about list!

A couple of my uni friends came over on Monday June 15th 2009 to bake. I picked them up from Tower Hill tube station, and brought them home, stopping by Waitrose to get a few ingredients and lunch.

After a very filling lunch, we decided to bake a dark chocolate cake. The recipe was actually my white chocolate cake recipe, but replacing the white chocolate with dark chocolate. I was too lazy to find a different recipe, and why mess with something that turned out so good anyway? :P

I don't have any pictures of the cake-baking.. Jenny and Carol took all the pics but I haven't asked for them :P But baking the cake was easy, and it was fun to have them help! :D

While the cake was in the oven, I finally managed to fulfill my promise to Carol about letting her wear kimono. Of course, I only let her wear a yukata, because I'd already packed up just about everything, and it was so hot that even thinking of wearing a kimono wasn't worth it! :P

Here's a picture of them:
Carol and Jenny in yukata

Yes, it's a little messy, but I was rather tired, and I didn't really try hard enough :(

Yeah, that's about it... We spent the whole afternoon baking the cake, and when it was out of the oven, we put it in the fridge to cool faster. While it was cooling, we baked some cookies that Jenny wanted (remind me to get the recipe from her!), then we frosted the cake.

When the cake was done, we all had a slice each. I cut up the cake so they had some to take home, and I sent them off. Not much, but it was really fun ^_^ I'm going to miss them.... :(

On a side note, I went to Kinokuniya yesterday!! :D I bought a whole load of books. I really need to post about them XD I love books! Ehehehe~

Things to update about:
1) Farewell/Welcome Lunch
2) Baking Session

3) Sister Act the Musical
4) Patty's time in London
5) The flight
6) Kinokuniya books


Jen said...

Ah! Cute! I really like the black Yukata. :3

Priscilla said...

Thanks! I really like it too :D It's one of my favs hehehe