Sunday, 12 July 2009

*tired* Cupcakes!!

(Warning: again a long, rambly post)

I'm so sorry for not updating regularly this month!!! This week's been busy and I've been feeling really tired :/ *sighs*

Key highlights:
1) Started work on Monday
2) On Monday, went for two-day business trip to Perak & Penang
3) Had baking session on Thursday night from 10pm - 1am
4) On Friday, we went to Shook!, Starhill for YTL's A Midsummer Night's Feast. Italian food. It was alright - last year, we had Stephen Mercer and it was waaaaay better!
5) Yesterday, I had a facial, then spent 5 hours baking and decorating cupcakes, then had a dinner at Overseas Restaurant, Jaya One (yum!!).
6) Today was my church's Family Day. More on that below..

I got up at 5.30am today and went to church at 6am to help my mum set up everything for the church Family Day, as my mum was sponsoring one booth to raise funds for Maranatha (the church's retreat home, which is run solely on donations). The theme of her stall was "Little Penang Cafe", and was selling alot of nice Penang food like char kuay teow, assam laksa, rojak, sotong kangkung and various preserved fruits and vegetables. My mum actually hired a caterer to sell these, and it was really popular! :D

I wasn't manning that booth - I helped out with the RCIA (Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults) because my mum is their secretary. The theme was home-made food. One auntie sold these incredibly delicious ham and cheese mini quiches which she made herself, all 200 of them. Another person made fresh pittas filled with roast chicken, cheese and homemade coleslaw. Both were really good!! I had two of the mini-quiches for breakfast, and one of the pittas as part of lunch. I bought another pitta to bring home, and am actually eating it now! :D Mmmm...

My mum contributed via reuseable bags made of recycled material that had been printed with the church logo. I sold those, and a big bunch of cupcakes that my sister and I (with the decorative help of two cousins and my mum and our maid) baked yesterday.

We made 30 boxes of 4 large-ish cupcakes each and sold them at RM12 per box. We were rather worried it would appear expensive to others, so we didn't mark up the profit margins that much (a profit of only RM1 per cupcake). Lucky thing we priced them at that level, because another booth also sold similarly priced but incredibly cute homemade cupcakes. The ones who made them were professionals - they said that for us to have made these cupcakes at "our age" (not sure how old she thinks we are) with absolutely no training but for pictures in books, ours were really really good!

As it was, we weren't sure if we would actually be able to sell the cupcakes, and we had a limited amount of time to make them anyway, which was why we made so little of them. (Although it doesn't sound too little when you say 120 cupcakes, each decorated individually...)

We had also made some tiny bite-sized individual cupcakes (about 160 of them I think) and sold them in little trays of 4 for RM3. They weren't as pretty, but were much easier to eat. We originally made them for people who prefer to eat just a small bite of cupcake rather than a full thing, but it turned out very popular with mothers with small babies, because it was very easy for the babies to eat.

I'd say the cupcakes were actually a big success compared to what we were expecting. We started selling at 8am, and were completely sold out of cupcakes by 11am! Considering that the event was supposed to end at 2pm, that was really quick. I feel proud :D

I came home as soon as the cupcakes were sold out because it was so hot and I was so tired that I was constantly swaying if I stood up without steadying myself somewhere. I'd originally meant to play around with kimono this afternoon, as everyone is out of the house, and maybe dress in a few ensembles and take pics, but instead, I decided to take a quick nap - and woke up 5 hours later ^_^"" But I will admit I feel tonnes better and more refreshed! :D

We're going to go to Uncle Max's house tonight to see the puppies their dog had. Ooooooh I can't wait for all the cuteness!!!! :D I gotta go get ready soon, so bye!

(And sorry for another long rambly post so soon after the previous one >.o I promise I'll have pictures of the past few days set up as soon as my sister gets it out of her cam!!)

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