Thursday, 16 July 2009



I just got my exam results and I PASSED!!! XD XD XD You wouldn't believe the sheer amount of relief that is coursing through me right now. I must say, the university had perfect timing. Rather than spending my whole weekend miserable and anxious about my results, I can enjoy my holiday freely and happily!! XD

What's so special about this weekend, you ask? Just so happens, tomorrow I'm going off to Pangkor Laut, said to be one of the premier resorts in Malaysia. It's actually a privately owned island, and the owner turned it into a spa resort. My mum and sis went there for a wedding last year, and they said it is really luxurious (and the pictures prove it!) :D I can't wait!

I hope my sister managed to book us places in the Spa Village for Saturday morning. Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

I'll be posting pics when I get back! (That is, if I can actually manage to upload pics onto Flickr from here. Stupid internet....)

Speaking of pics, I really need to remember to post about:
1) Kinokuniya books
2) Extension of April's yukata picnic
3) yesterday's shopping rewards

Okay, I'm still waiting to go home coz my mum's got alot of work to do. I'm going to log off now so I can make a quick getaway once she's done :D Bye!


shigatsuhana said...

Congrats on your exam results!

Have a great time on your spa holiday. I checked out the webpage and must say just how jealous I am! LOL! Relax and enjoy yourself.

Walter said...

Congratulations on passing your exams, Priscilla :)
Sorry for not posting for so long, I have a few free weeks coming up and I'll start posting asap.

ihsara said...

pangkor laut resort??

freaking awesome place. i still remember it now:D

it was full of gay couples then so i had a good time back then when i was in full on fujoshi mode haha

the peacocks scared me abit.

but yeah if u get the spa villas ( i think they are the ones out at sea?) ..... niiiiiiiice :)

i hope u enjoy ur trip!

ihsara said...

ooh and yeah omedetou on passing your exams! so you'll be a graduate soon enoiugh!

Priscilla said...

shigatsuhana> Thanks!! :) Ehehehe I did enjoy it very much!! XD

Walter> Thanks! :) I'll look forward to more of your posts!

Lissy> Thanks! And yeah, PLR really is as great as you said!! At first, I hadn't remembered that it was the place you showed me pics of at all, but then I saw the peacocks and it just clicked XD

Lol was it really full of gay couples? :D

I did notice some of the guys who work there are really cute :P :P :P