Sunday, 19 July 2009

Pangkor Laut Resort: Part 1

On Friday, my family and I went to Pangkor Laut Resort for a weekend trip. My mum's friend, Auntie S, had organized this trip, so it was really relaxing as everything was already taken care of! :)

We arrived at Auntie S's place at 7.45am that morning, and were soon boarding the hired bus that would take us to Lumut. I can't say much about the drive - I slept all 4 hours it took us to drive there. :P

Now, normally, we would have to check in into the hotel on the mainland or on Pangkor Island before taking a junk or ferry to Pangkor Laut Resort, which is on a private island. However, since Auntie S works for the company that owns this resort, we didn't have to check in and instead went to the Yachting Club on the mainland to avoid the crowds in the check in building.

We also got to use two of the company's new speedboats to get to the island, which cut off a third of the travelling time to get to the island! It was really cool :D

My sister enjoying the ride :D
Pangkor Laut July 2009

The Marina Bay of Pangkor Laut Resort.
Pangkor Laut July 2009

It's actually really safe on the island, because only staff and guests are allowed on the island. There are occasionally boats from the nearby Pangkor Island that come to see the "rich ppl's hotel", but they're not allowed to dock there except in cases of emergency. Also, there is little danger of pirates as there is a naval base nearby.

We were served lunch at Feast Village as soon as we arrived. It appeared oddly empty then, but it wasn't until later that we found out that usually, Feast Village isn't open for lunch. However, as it was Auntie S who arranged it all, they let us dine there for her.

Straight after the very delicious lunch, we were all shown to our rooms by usherers. My family got the Garden Villas, as it was my mum's and sister's preferences. My sister and I shared a room! :)

This is me, right after settling in:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

There is a cosy little couch that faces our bed: my sister claimed it as her knitting bay :P
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Our room has a balcony with a sitting area, which faces the swimming pool, a small part of the gardens and the beach. It was really peaceful, just sitting there and reading!
Pangkor Laut July 2009

After settling in, we got changed into our swimsuits and easy-to-get-out-of clothes before exploring the island. (Yes, it's me again :P I'm at the door to our room)
Pangkor Laut July 2009

First, we explored the main areas, and went up to the Hill Villas area to have a look at the view:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

On the way down, we stopped by Jim Thompson's and saw this really cute female peacock outside! :D
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We had passed by the hotel library on the way up, but we took a picture of it on the way back to reception. This picture isn't that great. The library is really much nicer than this, especially with the beds for lounging in! I'll have to steal better photos off my sister's old pics of the place.
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Then we headed to the shuttle terminal to await a van. All around the island, there are vans driving by every few minutes. These vans pick up the guests and bring them to wherever they want to around the island. They stop mainly at terminals in each point of interest. This one here is the one at reception:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

We headed to the Spa Village to book our appointments for the next day. Rather than taking the van again for such a short distance, we decided to walk to our rooms instead.

This pavilion is where yoga sessions are held every morning and afternoon:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Walking along the Sea Villas, which are villas that are built on stilts right on top of the water....:
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Me, walking along again :P I was particularly attracted to pretty rock formations that day. I'm not entirely sure why! Hahaha.
Pangkor Laut July 2009

Once we were back around the swimming pool area, Rommel/Pot (sister's bf), my mum and I lounged around the Royal Beach Bay Club with drinks and some chips while my dad, brother and sister swam. Later on, we prepared to go to Emerald Bay Beach for abit of exploration and a beach barbecue dinner.

That will be part 2, coming up soon! :D


Captain Sagara said...

OMG! Which place did you stayed at? Is it Berjaya?

Anyway, I have never been to Pangkor, I hope I will one day. :)

Priscilla said...

I stayed in Pangkor Laut Resort! :D Hehehe (website is here: ) ^___^ It was sooooo nice!!!

My family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all) used to go to Pangkor Laut for a huuuuuuge family holiday, so it was nice to do this again ehehehe ^_^

Walter said...

I looked at the website
Ah ! the sun, the sea, the food.
Ok, we're now all officially jealous ^_^
How much difference is there between high and low tide?
Does it go all the way up the stilts or not?

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter! Thanks hahaha XD It really was fun! I would really really love to go there again :) My dad is thinking of taking a client/friend there in September. Maybe he'll take me along too! Yaaaay XD Hahahaha

There can be quite a big difference between the high and low tide. It doesn't go completely all the way up the stilts, but it does go up to where the stilts and rocks suddenly turn very dark. One thing we've had drilled into our heads since we were young was to always avoid the beach at sunrise and sunset, or we'd drown haha.